2001-03-30: Broken On Arrival


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Scene Title Broken on Arrival
Synopsis Dale arrives at Hogwarts, injured.
Location Hogwarts - Castle Grounds
Date 03 30 2001
Logger Maura

School Grounds Hogwarts
Sat Mar 30, 2001 — Sat Mar 30 12:26:11 2019

From the frontal approach, the lawn that surrounds the castle is well manicured and tended. The evidence of the school's past remains in the form of carved stone that once held more ancient structures in the familiar motte and bailey configuration. Depending on where one goes, there are gardens- both decorative and productive- and orchards. Where the ground is too stony for cultivation, some wildflowers have been allowed to grow, creating a pleasant view for those who are looking for a more challenging stroll.

It's the perfect time of day, while students are still in the classrooms, to be taking a walk along the front of the school grounds. Maura is obviously known to the guards posted, as most of them give her a brief nod, and despite their different modes of dress she greets them each with the familiarity one might see between co-workers. She walks alongside Starbuck, one hand gripping the balance bar harness he wears and the other absently twirling her wand. So far, so good. Quiet, and no alerts from the canine.

Dale had been in the Ministry when it fell, but had to return to Romania, where he had been working. What he didnt know was that there was a problem there. Its taken him until now to fight and strape and struggle his way back. He appareates outside of the school grounds, in the forest. Exhausted.. wounded, his left arm bound up , inexpertly, in a sling, where its clearly broken, His clothing soiled and his cloak torn. He staggers to the edge of the grounds, finding a tree to lean on for a moment, to get his breath back, and make sure he isnt walking into another trap.. He has his wand handy, but not drawn right now.

Winnie is out for a walk today. She's usually here with a small blonde girl who has, at the moment, wandered off to do whatever students do when on perpetual lockdown. For her part, Win is wearing deep blue Chinese-styled robes (not dissimilar in some respects to a qipao), with her black hair pulled back using a silver clasp. She's apparently deep in thought as Maura approaches. No wand in sight. "Maura! How are you holding up? It's been-"

Then there's Dale. His approach is far from subtle and the Hit Wizard stuffens slightly before turning toward where he's resting to watch with thoughtful, dark eyes. "…Are you alright? Do you need medical attention?"

"Winnie!" Her smiles aren't quite as bright as they were prior to D-Day. But, they certainly still exist and one is offered easily towards her former classmate. "Just fine, of course. How are…" When the other woman notices Dale is when Starbuck gives one clear bark of warning prior to coming to a standstill. His muzzle pointed in Dale's direction though the rest of the canine's body remains stock still. "Right. Stranger." she breathes, following Win's lead and waiting for an answer as one of the guards closes in to play escort for the man.

Dale doesnt look like he is really fully aware of everything, running on instinct right now. He stumbles a few steps forward, and manages to rasp out "Order of Phoenix. Dale Cooper." he tries to looks between you "Is it safe here?"

Win seems to be processing this for a second. She glances toward one of the nearby M-Sec patrols, who are already converging in this direction and then takes a deep breath. There's a shielding posture to how she stands beside Maura with a hand raised, like she's anticipating something to happen. "It's safe here," thew oman agrees neutrally. "You really need to go through the gate and be properly processed. Security will escort you. I'm not going to ask how you ended up on the grounds like this." She takes a deep breath and then moves forward to offer Dale an arm. "You need medical treatment. You said you came from- Romania? Did something happen there as well?"

Dale nods "I.." he leans on whoever gives him help. "Vampires." he says "I was.. working there for the order.. Gathering information. " he states a little thickly "I.. do need medical help..I havent had time to do more than a quick bandage.. " he indicates his arm. "Ive been traveling as fast as i can getting back here."

Maura remains still, perhaps out of necessity, just watching everything unfold for a full moment. "Yes, it's safe here." she agrees. "Dale Cooper, Order of Phoenix. Should be on file to verify." she adds, for one of the security team to start processing. "I can take care of the medical treatment. But we'll want to get you to the Hospital Wing." This definitely seems to mean with a security escort if they are bypassing established protocol due to injury. "You were gathering information for the Vampires? Or /on/ the Vampires for the Order?" Clarification is key, apparently. Two guards walking alongside the trio as they make their way to the infirmary. "And you've a broken arm. Any other injuries we should know of? Note that we'll be checking for the mark of the Death Eaters when you're examined."

With the security members moving in around them Win helps Dale as best she can by standing beside him. She's not very large but fairly strong, and manages to support the man's weight fairly well as she steps in close. She'll let Maura do the talking now, nodding once in agreement. "Easy steps," she'll murmur as she starts to lead the way toward the hospital with M-Sec behind them. Wands drawn, of course. The other woman gets a quiet smile of appreciation from the Hit Wizard. Better Maura do the talking than Win, apparently.

Dale asks "Can I get some water on the way." he does sound a bit dehydrated. But that he is getting help, and seems to be able to start coming down from the extended stress of the last few days, "I was there for the Order, getting information on the Vampires. Watching for signs of alignment with the Death Eaters, on a larger scale. I think its safe to say there are signs." he manages a bit of a smile, "No major injuries.. lots of cuts and scrapes.. The arm was the worst of it.. No bites though." he doesnt resist the checks or any other security protocols, even on the way to the Hospital wing.

At least the hospital wing is on the first floor; traversing the grand staircase like this would be torturous. And once they reach the infirmary entrance, the security team changes place with, and takes up a spot inside the door. It's like a well oiled machine, really. "Water right away." Maura agrees, with one of the assistants around the infirmary pouring a glass for him as he's led to one of the treatment areas. "I can easily take care of the cuts and scrapes. The arm - that's going to hurt more for a moment because it looks like it has to be set first. And I'm sorry for that. You ready to brace yourself?" There's a gentleness to her tone when she's addressing injuries that isn't there for the rest of the discussion. But she's being a healer now, and it's like flipped switch. "Winnie, can I impose on you to help me with the set? I can't do that on my own."

Win produces a small bottle from her robes and murmurs the word, "Aguamenti" as she raises it, making a small, gesture with her left hand as if wiping something away. The bottle quickly begins to fill with clear, fresh water. This is handed to Dale. "You're going to want to take a few gulps before we continue," she informs him quietly. "I can set his arm," she'll agree without any hesitation. "Anything you need. Leaving it like this won't do him any good. So- on your mark." She'll at least be courteous enough to let Dale get a moment with his water before moving forward with it. While watching both him and anything surrounding them suspiciously.

Dale takes the water, drinks deeply and sets the glass aside on one of the tables. He takes a deep breath, and nods, "Not the first bone I have had set here." he manages to smile a little. "Lets do it." he states as he forces himself to relax as much as he can for the painful part.

"Get me a Skele-gro potion, and something to help him sleep would you?" Maura gives the instruction out to whomever is assisting (aside from Win!) so that it's all ready. "Again, I'm sorry. But this will be quick." she promises, situating herself so that Starbuck is sitting between her feet and she can use the bar to help herself remaining standing while she guides Winnie's hands to the right places on Dale's arm. "Alright. There. That's where the break is; go ahead and pull it together." is murmured, once he's given his okay. Once set, she just murmurs a quiet word and sweeps a hovering hand over him from top to bottom; a slightly pained expression appearing and then smoothing away. "The skele-gro is probably unecessary, but just in case the bone needs shoring up. It's knitted, but… to be certain."

The M-Sec personnel look at eachother when asked for the skele-gro. Someone from inside of the infirmary, a young man with short blonde hair and almost crystal blue eyes, rushes out with a bottle in hand to give to Dale. Win, for her part, keeps her hold on the man. A really careful observer might think she's restraining as well as supporting him for the moment, though her hands are quite gentle. She follows Mara's instructions precisely on how to place her hands and then pulls exactly when ordered. A deep breath, then a swift movement to get the bone into place for the magic in question. She keeps Dale's arm for now, even when the healing is done. He is free to lean on her. "It could have been a lot worse. Hogwarts is not a bad place to end up injured," Win observes with a faint shake of her head. "You should probably lay down here for a little bit. Thank you, Maura, I only- theoretically know where to begin, with that."

Dale gives a wince, and a slight groan at the pain, but he clearly has handled pain before and doesnt let it overcome him. Once the bone is set and mended he will take several slow deep breaths "Thanks.. thats much better." his voice sounds much stronger, between the water, and that his arm is clearly not hurting anymore "Im okay.. I wont be running any marathons for a a few hours.. nor arm wrestling." he smiles a little "But I am okay. Let Professor McGonigal know that I am here.. and I am in the roles of the Order. " he confirms. "Thank you for the help.. Do you mind if I ask your names?"

"No, I'm glad you were here, Win. Setting a broken bone is the one thing I can't quite do on my own. But I -am- a healer, so I'm pleased I was here when I was needed." Indeed, the brunette does look momentarily satisfied that she was able to perform the small service. "Call me Maura. I work with M-Sec as their primary Healer, among other things. And I'm familiar with both magic healing and muggle medicine." she offers. "I'll let them know who you are, and that you're here. And they'll liase with the Headmistress. I am certain she will be pleased to have you with us." is promised, in a gentle but professional tone. "There'll be food here for you when you get up, I'll make sure of that as well. You'll need it to get your strength back. Eat /all/ of it."

"Winnie," the small Chinese witch latched onto Dale's arm replies without really missing a beat. She lets Maura introduce herself first. "People usually call me Winnie. I prefer Win but we're back at Hogwarts, so…" There's a helpless, slightly diffident shrug to go with those words and then Win gives another brief nod. "I'm a Hit Wizard with the Ministry. Right now, I've been keeping an eye on what happens at the school." Winnie has a soft, firm way of speaking. Clearly audible, but just below usual speaking volume. "Eat well, relax, and don't go wandering the grounds until you feel better," she agrees with Maura. She exchanges a glance with the other woman then. "Are you going to be alright on your own, Cooper?"

Dale Nods "Food would be good, Miss Maura, Miss Winnie." he smiles just a little, "Ill be fine. but I just need a few minutes, then Ill be up and about. I think I need a nap and a shower, and then Ill be back to my self." He then offers "And Just Dale please."

"Dale, then." Maura agrees, nodding first at the recovering patient and then towards Winnie in agreement. "I think we've all been there. Needing a nap and a shower before we feel like a real person again." is agreed in slightly dry tones. "Don't be surprised if you have a security escort until you've been cleared, as well. I know it all seems a bit much. But, after what happened… well, we've a school full of children to keep safe. I'm sure you understand." She even gives Winnie a bit of a playful nudge with her elbow. "I still can't quite get over it. You're a Hit Wizard. That's amazing. You should meet with the M-Sec team. I feel certain they'll want to steal you from the Ministry."

"It turns out there are a lot of smugglers who take advantage of having a better rating in Muggle Studies than most of the Ministry," Win replies in a sly tone. She'll nudge Maura back and flash her a devious smile, her right eye narrowing slightly as she does. "And you're a- actually. I expected you to be a healer. I can't say I am surprised about a lot there." She laughs softly and then leans her head back a bit. "After this I am going to need to check on Anna again. I know this was a special case, but people showing up at the school…" She trails off a bit. "M-Sec is welcome to recruit me. Or I can just follow you around between cases, hm? We should catch up more." Dale earns another nod of assent then. "Showers in the back of the hospital wing. Catch some sleep and then—— welcome to Hogwarts. Good luck making heads or tails of this place anymore. A lot has changed."

Dale nods a little listening between you. He will drink a bit more of the water, "Thank you .. both of you. Im sure that another hand to help out here might be helpful."

"Sometimes, the bloodline will tell." Maura admits, about her being a healer and it being expected. It's always been her calling and she's never put up a fight about it, apparently. "Alright, we'll let you rest now Dale. And yes we should, Winnie. Yes we should." A little sigh escapes, and she clicks her tongue to alert Starbuck they're about to move. "I've got to go log this, but I am sure I will see one or both of you soon enough!"

"And I have a tiny prima donna to track down," Win agrees. "We'll talk again sometime, Dale. I'll check in to see hwo you're doing when I have a bit. Keep safe." With a nod for them both Win will turn and proceed away from the Hospital Wing with quick steps.

Dale nods "Hopefuly I will be a bit more presentable and coherent then. Thank you both again." he responds.

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