1995 Halloween Ball Costumes

Siobhan Noble - Titania

For tonight, Siobhan has become truly one of the fae. Adorned as Titania, Queen of the Seelie Court, she shines like a finely cut gem. The gown is done in two parts. The main piece is a strapless bodice done in a mossy green silk, banded across the top and the curved line over her hips in finely tooled silver. The skirt is full and falls in two layers. The topmost layer is the same color as the bodice, pinned higher at seemingly random intervals with large, fresh white lilies. This allows the skirt beneath - done in a rich, dark hunter - to show through. Around the upper part of each arm is a wide silver band that matches the one around her hips. Sheer white fabric falls from each band to form the long wide sleeves common on the gowns of Celtic ladies.

Her golden hair is swept back from her face but allowed to fall in loose curls down her back. A single white lily is pinned just above her left ear. Her skin - from her face down her neck and across her bare shoulders - glows in a way no mortal's skin could glow. The soft grey smoke around her eyes only sets off their sharp cinnamon color, a delicious contrast to her just-kissed pink lips. Upon her brow sits the diadem of the Sidhe - twined bands of silver twisting elegantly around one another to cradle an exquisite diamond in the center - but her neck is oddly unadorned.

The ensemble is completed, however, by the pair of delicate sheer faerie wings that fall lax from her bare shoulderblades.

Ophelia O'Mainnin - Pretty Pretty Pink Princess

Pink automatically assaults the eyes. It's a shade of pink only reserved for the girliest, perkiest of situations. Or Umbridge. Once you get past the pink, you realize that the pink is attached to the frilliest, Princessiest ballgown imaginable. With poofy sleeves, and tafeta and other such nonensese that would look absolutely at home at some young girl's perfect dress of royalty. THe make up for the witch is overly done. While usually normal for her (if one manages to recognize her), it's done in a completely different manner. Bright blue eyeshadow, bugglegum pink lips, rosey cheeks. … Is that COLOR on her skin? As in a healthy, possibly tanned complexion? Her hair has been charmed to be a spectacular platinum blonde, the kind of blonde one only finds in the magazines, and is done up in rag-curls with even more pink, this time in the hair bows and ribbons. Sparkliest of sparkly costume jewelery has been chosen to accentuate this horrific sight, with a dash of way too much glitter.
And the worst part about it?
THe Hap-hap-HAPPY smile fakely plastered on her face.

Jethro Gardener - Good Question

Jethro Gardener is standing at attention at the door, ramrod straight, wearing slightly classier robes than normal. They're navy blue, blazoned with an insignia that will be unfamiliar to most of Magical Britain. Probably a good portion of Magical America, as well. He wears a collection of colorful pins that look a little more … commonplace, perhaps. As the staff filter in, he gives each one a visual scan, greeting a few here and there with a terse nod and a half smile.

Pierrick Remi de Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier - Giacomo Casanova

Anyone with a sense of French history, or fashion history, or public health history, is likely to recognize sooner, rather than later, that Pierrick is dressed to the nines as none other than Giacomo Casanova. Nevermind that the man himself wasn't French; he certainly left enough of a mark on France, in his way, to count as a French hero.

This particular outfit still bears a hint of newly-found Gryffindor pride; the black silk shirt is lushly embroidered with gold brocade, and the red silk jacket with its matching embroidered placket at collar and front complete the color scheme. A silk cravat is tied at his neck, in a rust-and-gold stripe; his black trousers are made of a silk that is, at least, sturdy enough to meet the task of being made into trousers; somewhat shiny black leather boots make their way all the way up to his knees. The frilly sleeves on the jacket are ridiculous, but they're not quite ridiculous enough to cover up the gaudy rings he's wearing.

Julian "Bean" Legume - Puck

One of the smallest of his House, however, has not gone with the stolid and staid approach. No. Julian Legume — Bean to his friends — has adorned himself in a fairly plain green outfit with leaves and sticks stuck here and there. He has plain cotton green wings that might even have a hint of hanger wire poking out of it. However, the thing that could draw attention tonight is Bean's hair. It is a 'spec-ops mohawk'; the very short wide stripe of hair down the middle of an even closer-shaved head. Tooled into the close-cropped hair on the sides of his head are what look like vines and branches, leaving a mossy tinge around his temples and just the very tips of the 'hawk' frosted with silver.

Claire Sutton - Claire Sutton Punk Chick Rockstar

Anyone in search of a knife tonight need look no further than Claire's collarbones, which jut out bare above the neckline of her simple and sexy black sheath dress. A ruched bodice fits it close to her bust and waist, before the skirt in its many tiered ruffles flares out about her hips, continuing down to her knees, the whole revealing just how much of an hourglass her shape is. A large satin bow rests at the small of her back, hiding the bottom of the zipper. Her hair is a carefully-calculated mess of disarray, swept up in an artful tangle that looks effortless and is far from that, as anyone who's ever tried to sweep hair into an updo might know. Her wrists are bedecked with bracelet after bangle after bracelet, in various layers of 'black' and 'shiny', reaching nearly halfway to her elbows; the small hematite stud earrings she wears are far more discreetly tasteful. Claire's pale legs peek out from beneath the hem of the skirt, stretching long down to the floor, where her four-inch-heeled black patent Mary Janes make her legs look far longer than they normally do.

Severus Snape - At Least He's Trying

Snape strides in, the effervescence of the children creating a tension headache that becomes patently obvious when he rubs his fingers across his temple. "Infernal holiday," he scowls, making a small Ravenclaw scurry away from him. He is wearing his normal attire with the only concession to the holiday a small lapel pin of an Avada Kedavra green colored cauldron charmed to bubble periodically.

Jas Lancaster - Magical Heirloom Zoot Suit

As far as Jas Lancaster is concerned, he isn't dressing up for the ball; if anything, he's dressing down. After all, these are old clothes, hand-me-downs, really! Handed down through three or four generations, in fact! Of course, they happen to be the very finest dress robes one ever could have purchased, a hundred fifty years ago, and they're perfectly tailored to him — robes and undersuit both — in a modest black with a subtle gold pinstripe, plus just a dash of gold lining the sleeves of his robe. Sure, there might be some of those around the school right now who don't realize that Elegant and Hufflepuff go well together. They need only look at Jas, up at the staff table, or circulating around the room to investigate the punch and canapes, to realize that they do, very well indeed.

Minerva McGonagall - Pirate McG

Entering into the fray, at some point, is a pirate McGonagall. Yes, that's right. Minerva has found herself a muggle pirates costume. A long, belted vest atop flowing white shirt with a sash for a belt, black trousers tucked into shiny knee-high boots, a pirate hat, a -sword-… and, her owl has had a glamor cast so that it looks like a parrot. So where, upon entrance, does she go? Right up to the Aurors of course. "Well? There hasn't been any trouble so far I trust? And which Weasley are you picking on this time, Severus?"

Rene d'Allemange - Cupid

Maybe he was late to the party- or perhaps he was here all along, hesitant to pass more over the fringe of being there. Or, just maybe, Rene was being an extremely gracious bother with that gaggle of little girls, whom he has been flitting around with. When Rene finally seeps into Bean's vicinity, it looks as if his cheekbones are not only pink because of the powdery rouge he's put on them.

The set or transfigured wings on his back, secret courtesy of Siobhan, give a fluffing stretch out behind him when he finds his best friend perching on the outskirts of the party. Rene's slim form is draped in a short ivory chiton, the hem above his knees, and draped only over one shoulder. There is a silk band that hangs from the other, draping what appears to be a slip underneath of it(can't be going around without something on under it!! Never.). His belt is banded with two red roses on either side, and the forest green sash across his chest is spiraled with real leaves. It attaches to an eponymous quiver on his back. His long hair is curled from virtually top to bottom, pinned back with a clasp of peacock feathers. The smallish, buttery white wings on his back emerge from the chiton, soft in feather and stirring only when he moves about. At his hip is a red-wood recurve bow, in miniature. The glimmer of shadow around his eyes and the shine of his mouth give him quite the startling show when he finally sits himself at Bean's table.

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