1995-06-04: Stars brooms and feathers oh my


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Scene Title Stars, Brooms, & Feathers Oh MY!
Synopsis Nia gives Neville an early birthday gift.
Location Hogwarts, Astronomy Tower
Date June 4, 1995
Watch For Neville's reaction to the gift.
Logger Foxy Nia

From the deck of the Astronomy tower is a very soft, comfortable wheeze of someone breathing. Neville Longbottom is fast asleep, his head propped up on his book bag and arms wrapped around himself and his casual weekend clothing. He snores every now and then, squirming in the midst of several books and bits of parchment.

Flying around outside on her broom chasing after a little feathery ball of something is Nia. With a swift turn the girl catches what she's chasing then sits up on her broom and looks around to see where she ended up. Hovering just outside the Astronomy tower Nia struggles to wrestle the animal in her hand into a small cage and once done she glides into the tower and spots the sleeping Neville. With a giggle the girl steps to him and gently bushes some of his curls off his forehead while saying, "Neville…wake up sleepy head," in a soft voice.

Neville wiggles a bit, scrunching his face and wrinkling his nose. "Fi'mo'minu's," he murmurs in his sleep, attempting to roll on his side. When his head thunks right off the edge of the book bag, Neville is up. He half sits, blinking his eyes. "Huh, whu?"

Nia chuckles more as Neville wiggles and she takes her hand away from his hair. "Sorry to wake you but I couldn't help it." She replies as she sits across from the boy. "Long night?" She muses as her hand swishes behind her back and the small cage floated into her hand almost silently. "I've got your present for you birthday boy."

Neville yawns, digging his knuckle to his eye. "Bit long, yeah," he admits and cracks a look to her. "My present?" he asks, sounding surprised. "But it isn't even my birthday yet!" Neville points out with an eager laugh. He leans, attempting to get a better look and stands.

Nia grins as she does her best to hide what's in her hands. "I know but it might be a little hard to send it with my owl. Plus I want to see your face when you open it." She muses as she too stands still covering it as best she can. "Close your eyes and I'll give it to you. No peeking. And no it's not a trick."

Neville fidgets. "No trick?" He says wit ha small smile and eyes her for a moment but ultimately decides to shuts his eyes and holds out his hands. He doesn't even peek, due to his loyal Gryffindor interior.

Nia laughs and shakes her head. "No trick," She repeats as the boy closes his eyes and holds out his hands. Quickly pulling the cage out from behind her back, Nia checks on the little owl in it and before setting the cage in Neville's hands she magics a red bow around the bird's neck. "Ok you can open them!" She replies as she sneaks her wand back into her pocket. Upon opening his eyes, Neville will see a tiny baby elf owl inside the cage hopping around in excitement.

Neville peeks, finally, once he's told he's allowed to. "No!" is his first word, a smile blooming on his face. "You didn't. An /owl/?" He holds the cage close, looking at the bird with his bow. "It's so little!" This seems to be a plus and Neville can't help but break into a bubbling laugh. "/Nia/. This must have cost a fortune. I can't…" he begins to say, but can't finish. He's too busy grinning at his new pet.

Nia just grins widely as she watches Neville get all giddy. "I did and actually no it didn't." She replies to all his questions as her hands are behind her back and looks at the little owl. "She's really a sweetie but I think you'll love her. She's actually one of the babies from my mother's owl. I begged to save her for you and now she's here. Though I think she'll like staying with you than down in the dungeon with me."

"She?" Neville repeats, his nose nearly touching the cage. "She's great! M'very own owl. Gran'll have a stroke." He whoops a laugh, attempting to poke a finger into the cage and touch the baby owl. "I bet she'll love the Gryffindor tower. Do I get to name her, then?"

Nia nods as she opens the cage and clicked her tongue while sticking her hand into it. "Yup you get to name her whatever you want. I've been trying to teach her to walk around on my arm and hand and I think it finally took" She says as the owl does indeed hop onto Nia's hand and she takes her out of the cage and puts her on Neville's shoulder. "I've got my broom incase she flys off but I think I wore her out trying to catch her when she got spooked by my brother's cat and flew the coop so to speak."

Neville leans back, still unable to stop smiling. He watches the owl, turning his head a bit as it perches on his shoulder. "I don't have a clue! I'll have to think about what name." Neville rubs at the neck feathers on his new pet. "This is too much, Nia…" he says sheepishly, looking up at her.

"Nah it's just enough I think." Nia replies as she takes the empty cage and sets it on the ground. "I think she's perfect for you. Though she's a pigmy type owl and won't grow too big but I'm sure she'll give you plenty of love." Rubbing the owls head then kissing it, Nia takes a step back and smiles. "Now you be a good little girl and behave or I'll have to send Bran to go and straighten you out. I'm glad you love your present Nev. You deserve her."

Neville takes a few, happy breaths, unable to stand still. "Thanks, Nia. You're too good to me. Honestly. An /owl/." He gathers up the elf owl on his hand, bringing her in front of him. "You're going to get spoiled, I promise. Can't wait until she's big enough to take letters!"

Nia blushes a little as she twirls some of her hair in her hand. "You're welcome," She replies quietly as she continues to watch the happy Neville with his owl. "I think she can do short notes but she needs to practice." Idly Nia takes a few steps so she is standing next to Neville and leans her head on his shoulder subconsciously.

Neville pulls Nia into a quick hug. "I'll practice with you, then. Since she knows you it'll be easier." The boy places the owl back to his shoulder. "I can't get over it. What a brilliant gift. Best I've ever gotten, I think."

Nia smiles deeply as she hugs back and nods. "That sounds like a good plan. Have you given any thought in visiting over the summer? We can have little play dates with our owls and work on training her as well."

"Sure I'll visit," Neville promises, hugging again before leaving her to start picking up his school work, watching to make sure his new owl keeps her balance. "You just let me know when."

Nia nods as she pulls her broom to her and sits on it hovering a little once Neville began to pack up his stuff. "Brilliant! I'll send Bran over when I have some free time. I might have to help my dad this summer but I'll be sure and have you over as soon as I can. Need any help?"

"I'm all right," Neville says with a smile. "I have a feeling it'll be a great summer. Normally I just sit about at Gran's house. But so much to do this summer!" He seems really perky on the thought, tossing his Astronomy book into his bag. His owl hoots and Neville giggles at it. "I'm having a good day."

Nia grins as she hovers around the room on her broom. "I usually get stuck with my mother schooling me all summer to make sure my brain stays sharp. I'm going to try and be out of the house as much as possible this year. Perhaps I can cheer you up if you're stuck at your Gran's house and get bored?" She too giggles at the tiny owl's hoot. "Aww she loves you already."

Neville laughs. "You won't want anything to do with staying at Gran's house, believe me. She doesn't even have a radio." He straightens up, shouldering his bag and leaning to nudge his owl with his nose. "Circe. What do you think about that?" he asks Nia.

Nia chuckles. "Wow that does sound worse than my mom but I'm sure we can find something to do if I come over." She floats over to the boy and hops off her broom. "That sounds beautiful. Circe." Nia repeats as she pets the owl on the head. "I think she likes it too. Well we can work out the details over visits with Circe letter practice, but for now you just enjoy her." Looking at the sky she frowns and hops on her broom again. "Looks like I've gotta go for now, but I'm sure we'll see each other soon. You two be good now." Nia teases with a smile before waving and zooming out of the window and flying away.

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