1995-05-27: 2 Guys A Girl And A Pub


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Scene Title 2 Guys, A Girl, And A Pub
Synopsis Nia talks to Christian about being a Hit Wizard then help Mickey after she meets him.
Location Hogsmeade High Street then Three Broomsticks
Date May 27, 1995
Watch For A disappearance
Logger Foxy Nia Brown

The typical showers of April have not let up yet. Even now, half way through the month of May, the rainy season continues. For a moment, the showers have let up, allowing people in the small town of Hogsmeade to scurry this way and that to get the weekend chores done. Students run up and down the street, buying sweets and toys and anything else that they deem appropriate (and inappropriate). In the middle of this hustle and bustle, Christian strides carefully to no step into to many mud puddles. The work boots he wears have seen their fair share of caked on mud for one life time.

The rain that falls down on this spring day isn't enough to detour a certain student to go out into Hogsmeade this weekend. Sporting a muggle outfit and an umbrella, Nia is walking through the High Street trying to decide where to go first and purposely staying in the rain as long as she could. Carefully moving around all the mud puddles the girl soon spots Christian and the badge on him as well. Nia quickens her pace as she hurries to catch up to Christian while calling out, "Excuse me Sir!"

Christian doesn't hear her at first, seeming to stride with purpose through the crowd. His one track mind seems to suddenly register that she may be calling to him, and he turns to look in her direction. "Yes?" He calls. "How can I help you little Ms?"

Nia continues to follow Christian until she's just about caught up to him as he turns and speaks to her. "Fox, Nia Fox," The girl replies to Christian while a little twitch of annoyance flicks on her face with the little comment. "You're a Hit Wizard aren't you?" Nia asks while the annoyance disappears off her face.

Christian shoves his hands in his pockets. "I am indeed," He says with a nod. "I work for the ministry to apprehend criminals on the run from wizarding justice. What can I do for you, Ms. Fox?"

Nia closes her umbrella for the moment since she is standing under a sore awning and holds it at her side. "Please you can call me Nia if you like but I was wondering if I could talk to you about your profession. I'm greatly interested in becoming one myself but I'm not sure what subjects I would need for it."

Christian raises and eyebrow for a second, then looks down at his watch. "Sure," He says with a slight smile. "I have plenty of time. How about we head over to the Three Broomsticks, and we can talk about it over a pint?"

"That would be brilliant!" Nia exclaims as she holds her closed umbrella behind her back for a few moments. "I hope I don't seem to forward but may I ask your name Sir?"

"Oh right, Sorry," Christian chuckles. "My name is Christian Faulkner." He heads toward the Three Broomsticks. "May I ask, what got you interested in becoming a Hit Wizard?"

Nia smiles as she nods "It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Faulkner." She replies as she starts walking towards the Three Broomsticks along with Christian. "Well my father wants me to become an Auror but I'd rather be a Hit Wizard after reading about it."

Christian opens the front door to the pub. "Oh really?" Christian says with a raised eyebrow. "What have you read? Nothing Good I hope." He chuckles. "Most of the time our departments overlap with each other. One assisting another. With a few exception though, I would say you made the right choice. Than again, I am biased." He chuckles and gestures for her to go in.

Nia pauses for a moment at the door to the pub as Christian opens it. "Don't get me wrong I mean I love the idea about being out in the field but I'm really a stickler for paperwork and I figured it won't break my father's heart too much since they do work with Aurors. Oh thank you!" She replies as she steps in and glances around.

Christian enters at points to a table along side the other wall. "There should be fine," He says, making his way over and waving to Madam Rosmerta. "Good! I'll have someone to pawn my paperwork off on." He laughs and takes a seat. "What does your Father do? Does he work at the ministry?"

Nia nods as she looks over to the table that he points out before following Chris and sitting down at the table and setting her bag and umbrella onto an empty seat next to her. "Do you have a lot of paperwork that you haven't done?" Nia asks with a laugh. "Yes he does, he works in the Department of Mysteries but I'm not sure exactly what he does there."

"Oh Boat loads," Christian says with a chuckle. "I sometimes think that we are anchored to the desks. It is all very important paperwork, but there is just so much of it sometimes." He flags down a server. "I think we like a couple of butter beers please."

Nia chuckles as she pictured the scene. "Well that sounds like heaven to me. I love paperwork perhaps you could send me some and I can do it in my spare time for you?" She teases before becoming quiet as Chris orders for the both of them. "It's too bad that I'm not old enough for the internship program at the ministry because I would have your desk cleaned up in no time, but I just have one more year to wait."

"Well, what are your grade like?" Christian asks, leaning back in his chair. "I can give you an idea of what you need to work on to get first pick of the liter here. We work on a sort of scholastic audition process."

the front entrance to the Three Broomsticks open and in come Mickey Smith (um…Noble), local repair man and general friendly guy. Nodding to the residents he knows the man heads for the bar front and orders a butter beer for himself. All alone he heads for the booth beside where Nia and Christian are sitting and plops himself down. The bag over his shoulder with various papers sticking out of it is hefted up onto the table and he starts to rummage through it complaining under his breath about someone named Jack the whole time.

"My grades?" Nia repeats questioningly to herself mainly. "Um I have really good grades in most of my subjects, though my potions grade could be better. I'm really great with Transfiguration, Charms, and Defense Against the Dark Arts. They seem to be my best subjects. What sort of audition process do you have?" She asks as her eyes seem to follow Mickey for a few moments and she gives him a smile as he passes before turning her attention back to Christian.

Christian turns to see Mickey come in. He gives the man and friendly grin, then turns back to Nia. "We look at your performance in school, and check your grades," Christian says with a shrug. "Mostly we try to find out what kind of student you are, and how well you'll do in a Law Enforcement environment." Their butter beer arrives and Christian pops the top on his. "Each of those class are excellent and quite useful. Have you taken Magical Law or Advanced Defense yet?"

Mickey gives both Nia and Christian a pleasant smile back. He may not have met them but no need to be rude of course. He isn't trying to eaves drop but it sitting right behind Nia so can probably hear. Looking through the papers though they seem to capture most of his attention as he sorts them into different piles. The butter beer he ordered arrives and he smiles to the waitress as she asks him what he's up to, obviously knowing the man, "Oh just paperwork for Jack, never agree to do your siblings work for no pay, then they think you'll do it always."

Nia nods as she too takes her butter beer and opens it while listening intensely and making notes in her head. "Hmmm I think I take those next year. I'm only in my 5th year at Hogwarts but I'll make sure to sign up for those classes. Are there anymore classes that I should take to steer myself into the Hit Wizard direction?" Sipping her butter beer once more, Nia couldn't help but chuckle at Mickey's conversation to the waitress since they were so close she couldn't help but overhear.

"Potions, and any advanced Charms classes," Christian says, drinking deeply from his butter beer. "Practice your dueling skills as much as possible, read the paper when you can and pay attention to ministry news." He chuckles at Mickey's comment. "That sounds like a Jack I know."

Mickey looks over to Christian as he talks towards him. Nia's laugh get a smile from the dark man, "A Jack you know? Wouldn't be the blimey bastard Jack Noble himself would it?" Alright Mickey doesn't look like Jack's brother in the least, the man being of a chocolate brown skin tone and different in every way possible.

Nia looks a little disappointed at the mention of more Potions classes but she doesn't let that show for too long on her face. "Looks like I'm going to have to work harder in Potions." She sighs as she takes a long drink before looking at Mickey while the two men talk for a bit.

"Jack Noble indeed," Christian laughs. "Did he pawn his paperwork off onto you sir? I am sorry to hear that. I will need to talk to him about getting other to do things he would be worried about. Though I believe he is mostly worried about Holly right now."

Mickey nods his head at Christian's words and holds out his hand past Nia's head with a wink to the young lady, "Yep Jack's a bugger that way. Walked in yesterday and he was swamped since his secretary has disappeared." A hint of a frown at the mention of this, "I'm Mickey Smith aka Noble." Yep he says the letters one by one, "Jack and the rest of the clans brother of sorts. Adopted of course."

Nia smiles at the wink but remains quiet while idly playing with her butter beer bottle with her hand as she listens and takes in the conversation. "Are they looking for Jack's secretary? Oh sorry didn't mean to butt in." The girl replies apologetically before adding quickly, "I'm Nia Fox by the way."

Christian shakes Mickey's hand. "Pleased to meet you, I'm Christian Faulkner," he says with smile. "I hadn't heard about his secretary. I need to look into that. One more job to add to the list."

Mickey shakes Christian's hand back lightly and then crooks his elbow playfully to extend it towards Nia, "Well she works at the ministry so we aren't sure she is exactly missing yet, but she is normally at Torchwood three times a week, so I'm assuming the worst. Not that it's a pleasant assumption, just gotta be real right?" He nods to Christian, "Looking for people your job then Mr. Faulkner?"

Nia shakes Mickey's hand when it comes to her with a smile. "Pleasure to meet you Mickey." She replies softly after putting her hands back in her lap as she continues to listen to the conversation. "Oh no I was the one who bugged Mr. Faulkner about his job." Nia says with a slight tinge of pink on her cheeks.

"I am a Hit wizard," Christian says to Mickey. "I am always interested in missing person's cases. I was describing my profession to Ms Fox here. She is thinking about joining up with us when she graduates."

Mickey ohs and grins at this, "Lots of work from what I hear. But would be interesting." Definitely not his thing though, "Couldn't convince you to just become a simple repair wizard like me?" Though repairing magical items is in no way simple. He grins to Ms Fox and shakes his head, "Kidding sorry. Always getting told my mouth gets me in more trouble then my brain. Or something like that. Well if you hear anything about Donna, just talk to me or Jack please, though I know he's real busy right now." A grateful smile is given to the hit wizard, this is one worried man.

Nia giggles softly at Mickey as she looks down to her lap then back up at the two men. "Sorry but I'm not that good at repairing things with my hands. They mainly love writing homework and filling out paper work but my brother may be interested." She replies with a wink to Mickey. "No worries though."

"I will look into it," Christian says, finishing off his butter beer. "With the investigation into the village massacre and the death of Crouch, what is one more case?' He chuckles sardonically, and it isn't hard to see that there is little mirth in his voice. "I have to go. One thing you need to know Nia, and always keep it in mind, a Hit Wizard's job is never done. There is always something happening. The true test of a Hit Wizard is his or her ability to keep going no matter what, where, when, or why." He smiles and stands, placing enough galleons for their drinks on the table. "It was a pleasure meeting you both." He leaves out the front door, popping his jacket collar to the rain.

Nia blinks as her attention floats back to Christian. "Oh so soon? Alwell thank you for letting me pick your brain Mr. Faulkner and I will keep all of that in mind." Nodding as the coins clink slightly on the table, the girl watches the hit wizard exit out the door then pats Christian's now empty seat as she looks to Mickey. "Would you care to join me?"

Mickey looks to the paper work spread out and gives it a horrified mock expression, "I think anything to distract me from Jack's mess is a good thing." Ruining some of his work but still trying to keep it organized the repair wizard changes seats to sit across from the young lady, "So you're gonna be a hit wizard then Ms Fox?"

Nia nods as she eyes the paperwork after Mickey takes a seat. "It looks like it yes, would you like some help with that?" She points to all the papers then finishes her butter beer. "Sorry I love to do paperwork and homework thanks to my mother. So you're a Tinker what's that like?"

Mickey grins at the paperwork question and nodding his head lays it out for the girl. It's all something to do with curse breaking not tinkering but he quickly explains what he is doing before answering her other question, "Well it's busy most of the time. I love seeing some of the stuff people bring in. One of a kind items or just everyday things they could easily replace but hold some kind of significance. It's a great job, just the hours aren't for everyone. I'm just an apprentice still down at the Repair Zone on Cobblestone Road." Work always get Mickey talking.

Nia looks down at the papers for a moment then looks back up at Mickey. "What do you want me to do exactly with these papers? Wow that's sounds fascinating. What sort of things have you fixed that are out of the ordinary?" She asks while her fingers flip through a small stack of papers.

Mickey points to the type of each page. Well if you wanna first put them in little piles for each month then I can show you the rest after that." A smile again at the work question, "Well I had a vanishing cabinet in last week that must have been hundred of years old. Still really good charms on it so it was pretty strong in the first place." He grins, "What year you going into? My little sis is in seventh."

Nia nods and begins to separate the pages into small piles as instructed. "Wow it's so amazing how long magic can survive on old things. Was it hard to fix?" She asks glancing at the pages now and then but mainly looking at Mickey while her hands seem to know what they were doing. "I'm currently in my 5th year and will be going into my 6th year. Who is your sister?"

Mickey grins to Nia and says, "5th year, big important Owls this year then, you think you're all ready?" He smiles as he works on doing the same thing she is with as much ease as the girl, organization is a skill a tinker must have, "Oh Siobhan, adopted again. She's in Slytherin oddly enough, not a single one of us otherwise there."

Nia grins wide as her hands still for a moment, "I'm in Slytherin too." She answers as her hands go back into organizing. "I've seen Siobhan around but I don't think I've talked to her, but as for OWL's I'm pretty confident about them. I'm also working on disapparation since I'm going to be of age pretty soon."

Mickey waves a hand at her, "I was a Gryffindor myself. But you being a Slytherin just means I know one more I like." A quiet chuckle from the man as he keeps organizing, "Good to here about the owls. I know I wasn't that confident to be honest." He winks and offers, "Another butter beer for your troubles?"

Nia chuckles as she re-checks her piles of papers. "I have friends in all houses but a lot of them are in Gryffindor, though some say that I was sorted into the wrong house." Now quite sure all the papers were in the right piles, she looks back over to Mickey before continuing. "No thank you about the butter beer though I'm just happy to help especially with paperwork. What shall I do with the piles now?"

Mickey grins to her, "always happy to have help. Now I do believe Jack likes everything sorted by month but not date, they need to be sorted by type of curse, so just sort them by name for now. I've got some math to do at the bottom for pricing calculations and then quite a few invoices to send out later."

Nia smiles as she begins to sort by curse though this time looking at the papers more but still looks back to Mickey when she talks to him. "Jack seems to be very particular in how he organizes his papers, was he in Ravenclaw?"

Mickey shakes his head, "No he was a huffle but I think Donna was a Ravenclaw, I believe it's her way of organizing things." He smiles towards the younger girl, "So why a hit wizard?"

Nia nods as she licks her fingers before pulling apart to pages that were stuck together. "Ahh I see. My mother was a Ravenclaw so I seem to be able to spot them a mile away. But as for why a hit wizard it's more to please my dad and it's something that I've been looking into. My father wanted to be an Auror but never had the grades for it so he pushed it on me. I think a Hit Wizard is a good compromise."

Mickey nods his head, "As long as you'll enjoy it. Don't do anything you don't want to, only ends up in a lot of work for nothing." Look at him, he turned out um…odd. "But really, it sounds cool, not for me of course. I leave that stuff to the professionals."

"I enjoy a challenge in my life." Nia replies as her eyes squint for a moment while reading over something on the page. "That's something my mom taught me but do you enjoy your work Mickey?"

Mickey nods his head enthusiastically, "Of very much so, best idea anyone ever suggested to me. I took everything apart when I was younger. Drove my mom and dad nuts, my real dad was a muggle so I'm also pretty good with muggle repairs." He takes another sip of his butter beer and putting it down leans back from the table, his papers done for now, "A challenge is always exciting."

Nia grumbles as she gets a paper cut and quickly puts her finger to her mouth so not as to get blood on the pages. "My Grandmother is a muggle too and she's taught me so many things." A small chuckle as she puts a band-aid on her finger before the girl sighs and sits back in her chair. "Do you get to fix a lot of things? I remember you mentioning you're an apprentice."

Mickey shrugs at this and waves a hand in a tilting motion, "Well it depends on how my boss Clive is feeling. He's pretty old but gets annoyed if you mention retiring to him. I get stuck some days just doing paper work, hence the apparent skill. It's a good place though, he lets me live in the flat upstairs so I'm extra close to work." Mickey grins and is a touch immature.

Nia chuckles as she goes back to her sorting. "Not a bad job then as you seem to enjoy it so much. Your boss sounds like he's got a lot of fight in him yet but I'm sure he's not that bad to work for." Sighing once more after she double checks her work, Nia looks back up to Mickey. "Looks like I'm done did you need me to organize them further?"

Mickey shakes his head, "Nah I've got math and all that foo to do tomorrow. this just saves me a lot of time thanks Ms Fox." He grins to her with a nod of his head.

Nia smiles as she stacks the paperwork neatly and sets it near Mickey's piles. "It's no problem and please call me Nia, Ms Fox is my mother." She teases with a wink as she orders a water from the passing waitress while handing her the coins that Christian left for their butter beers.

Mickey nods his head to her and grins, "Sure thing Nia, you sure you don't want that butter beer instead?" He offers again, "It's the least I could do for your help."

"No it's alright but thank you anyway. I kinda overheard your conversation with the waitress and I feel a bit bad about it." Nia replies as she takes the glass of water out of the waitress's hand and took a sip. "It's my pleasure really."

Mickey nods his head, "Well then thank you, you ever need anything fixed just come to me. If I'm not in the shop yell up the stairs in the back, I don't normally go far." Such a life.

Nia smiles and nods "Will do. If Jack ever gives you more paperwork to do and I'm around please let me know." Standing up for a moment after finishing her water the girl glances at her watch then frowns. "Looks like I have to be getting back up to the castle. It was nice meeting you Mickey. I'll see you around." And with that Nia picks up her things and heads out making sure to open her umbrella back up once she's outside the pub.

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