1995-05-14: Information Overload


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Scene Title Information Overload
Synopsis Nia visits Neville in the Hospital wing and emotions and information goes on overload
Location Hogwarts, Hospital Wing
Date May 14, 1995
Watch For Nia's question and answer
Logger Nia

Early Sunday evening, and Neville is out of his bed. He stands next to it, packing up a few treats that had been brought to them. Most of them have been left untouched, and doubly so for the pile of chocolate frogs. They're swept into a pillowcase, along with his homework. The others have gone, their beds empty. His gaunt, thinner face has not fully recovered from the two weeks with little food. He looks skinnier in general, and the bags under his eyes linger. He wears fresh pajamas, a dull white as is the issued Hospital Wing fare. Still, young Neville Longbottom appears to be in well enough spirits.

Feelings taring inside of her, Nia finally hears the news that Neville is back and it takes every ounce of control in her body not to run to the hospital wing and smother the poor boy. Finally seeing her chance the girl sneaks up to the hospital wing with Trevor hopping behind her. Opening the door quietly and quickly slipping in along with Trevor. "Hey Neville" Nia says quietly before making her way over to the boy calmly with watery eyes.

Neville glances over his shoulder, tired eyes landing on Nia. "Hello!" he says brightly, despite his appearance. His gaze shifts. "Trevor!" Neville seems pleased and sets his pillowcase aside. "Fred an' Angie told me you were taking care of him. Thanks, Nia." He reaches to hug her briefly before going for his toad.

Nia smiles at the hug and hugs back a little harder than the boy but not enough to hurt then took a step back to let Trevor hop into the boy's arms. "It's no problem he actually found me and let me know you were missing. Trevor has been great company…" And there she goes the hug was too much for her and flood gates open as she trails off. "I'm sorry….it's just so good to have you back…" Nia sobs out as she sits on the bed and continues crying.

Trevor the toad is lifted up, and Neville attempts to meet the gaze of the wide-eyed amphibian. "Trevor? You're nuts," he chuckles, pulling the toad in close to his side. "He's never missed me a day in his— Nia?" Neville looks down, quite shocked at the crying. "What… what's wrong? I'm okay! Still alive an' everything!"

"I'm sorry" Is all the crying girl could sob out before standing up and hugs the boy close as she continues to cry on his shoulder. "I know you're ok but it's been so hard not having you here. I…I…" But Nia couldn't finish that sentence she just sniffs a little as she still holds onto Neville making sure he was really there and that this wasn't another of her cruel dreams.

Neville shifts awkwardly. Girls crying on his shoulder is not something the boy is weathered to. He leans in, patting her on the back perhaps a but clumsily and begins to pull back. Trevor escapes to the bed. "C'mon," Neville murmurs. "It was only a few weeks. Two, really. I'm sure you barely noticed!" He's trying to be helpful and produces an unsure smile at her.

Nia finally lets go of the poor boy as he pulls away and looks up into his face with a small smile on her lip. "I did notice and it made it the longest two weeks I've had in a long time." Something finally clicked in the girl's head and while blinking a few times while wiping her wet cheeks she asks a odd question. "Did Fred tell you anything about me when you were gone?"

Neville clicks his teeth together. "Who?" he asks stupidly, fidgeting. "What? No. I don't think so…" Neville shifts his weight, letting the battle of loyalties rage within him. "We talked about a lot of things. Two weeks is a long time. M'sure you came up. I even /saw/ you once. In the weird memory dream world."

Nia sniffs one last time but she did seem to perk up a bit as Neville spoke. "You saw me?" She asks before quickly going into a rant. "Never mind about that..So he really didn't tell you anything? He didn't tell you that we had to cancel our date? or…" Nia trails off again debating something in her mind before repeating, "You saw me?"

The poor boy simply looks like a deer in headlights. "Um…" he attempts to begin, but can't get a word in edgewise. "He may have mentioned—" Still no luck. Neville lets out a woof of air, blinking at Nia. "Yeaaah," he draws slowly. "I saw you with Trevor. I figure because you were close to that… that thing I was trapped in."

The girl absently sits back on the bed as her mind wheels with so much information and starts rubbing her temples. "Wow that's interesting…Well at least you guys could see some things that were going on." She pauses her hands for a moment and looks back up at Neville's face. "Hey Nev, can I tell you something?"

Neville picks his pillowcase back up, reaching in and pulling out some of the wrapped frogs. "Here," he says, tossing them at her with a smile. "They're yours, I can't stand chocolate right now." The last of his potions work is dumped into his makeshift book bag. "Hm?" he prompts as he folds up the top of his 'bag'.

Nia lets out a big sigh as she sikes herself up but then blinks as she catches the chocolate frogs that Neville tossed at her. "Um thanks," She replies with a smile before softly clearing her throat. Well it's now or never let him have it. "Nev there was something I told Fred about just before you all….yeah and while you guys were gone it gave me the final push and now I've realized something. I…I…I like you more than just a friend Nev."

Neville's hands choke the top of the poor, poor pillowcase. His face and ears bloom with sudden color. With a rather shaky laugh, Neville turns, scooping Trevor up. The toad sounds out a croak. "Erm. Uh, well! That's… I mean. You're… a year over me an'… an' a Slytherin. You couldn't possibly like—" His face flushes an even deeper red. "I should go. The Gryffindor common room… was supposed to be there nearly an hour ago!" He makes a wide birth around her and towards the exit, eyes darting around and his toad and pillowcase clutched tightly. His escape is rather bumbling and he nearly knocks himself into the side of the doorway out of the room.

Nia just chuckles softly as she half expected this reaction knowing it was a lot of information to process and knowing it was Neville. She watches him bumble out with a smile on her lips then she too gets up and heads out and back to the dungeons, feeling a lot better and back to her normal happy self.

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