1995-05-09: When In Doubt Poke It With A Stick


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Scene Title When In Doubt, Poke It With A Stick
Synopsis Nia is trying to get her friends out but gets sidetracked when Melissa comes in
Location Hogwarts DATDA classroom
Date May 09, 1995
Watch For Trevor the Toad is actually getting trained?
Logger Nia

It seems like any free time Nia has is spent on looking for her friends that have been missing for quite awhile now. When the Defense classroom is empty the girl is found there when it's not she's in the library rummaging through books. This particular late morning Nia is in the empty classroom with Trevor the toad balanced on her head holding a long stick. Safely away from the glowing detector and hiding behind a few desks the girl goes about poking the green thing a few times to see what would happen.

Melissa knocks on the door a bit before coming in. "Oh, hello…" she says, giving a little wave to Nia. "You checking on Luna and the others too?" she asks, moving toward her and the Wrackspurt Detector. "Sometimes I see one of them in one of the pictures that thing flashes up," she notes. "I'm glad because it means they're all right and they're not starving to death or anything… Still, I wonder if they'll ever get back… Nobody else has managed to get through there, have they? I thought maybe if somebody did, they could bring a really long rope or something…"

Nia looks a bit disappointed when her few pokes to the device does nothing to it. Blinking as she looks up at the incoming Melissa, Nia smiles softly as she nodded. "Yeah I'm trying to get them out or at least learn more about Luna's device." She takes a few steps out from behind her barricade desk an walks over to Melissa. "I thought I saw them once but it was too fast to be sure. I don't think anyone has gotten in there or come close to getting them back but I'm just really worried about them. I know they are going to be ok but still I miss all of them."

Melissa nods. "I wonder if the professors have tried anything yet," she says. "They'd probably have a better idea of what to do than we would…" She watches the device for a while.

Nia sighs as she holds out a hand to catch Trevor as he jumps down from her head and lands into it almost like it was a new trick they had been working on. "They probably have but I have a feeling it's going to take awhile for them to get the others out. What else have you seen in there?"
Long distance to Neville: Nia giggles I think I have Trevor trained now. Did anything happen in the void after I poked it?

Melissa shrugs. "I don't know," she says. "It's all kind of blurry. I just wish there was some way we could at least talk to them… maybe if we attached some sort of antenna on that thing it could 'tune in' on them, or something like that…"

Nia nods as she sits on an empty desk behind her. "Yeah talking to them might help lift their spirits or help them help us get them out. I wish we could just reach in and grab them out but it can't be that simple can it? I wonder if they know we are looking for them?"

Melissa nods. "Probably… I don't think they've noticed me when I've looked though," she says. "If they could, I might at least write something and we could talk that way, but I guess not…"

Nia sighs and sniffs as she idly pats Trevor, "That's a good idea but only if we knew for sure that it works. I…..I just…" The girls voice trembles right before she breaks down crying. "I just miss Neville so much!" Nia wails out as the toad hops out of her hands and into her lap at the loud noise leaving her hands free to come up and cover her face as she continues to cry.

Melissa gives Nia a comforting hug. "He'll be back soon," she says. "…I just hope they can make up their missed classes fast…"

Nia sobs a few more times then sniffs as Melissa hugs her. "I know…Sorry…It's just been really hard on me…." She says as she wipes the last of her tears away and sets her hands down in her lap. "Man I'm being really selfish. Probably everyone is missing them but I'm sure the teachers will understand."

Melissa nods. "Probably," she says. "I just wish there was something I could do… why didn't Luna ask a teacher for help first…?"

Nia chuckles softly "Cuz Luna is Luna and she doesn't think anything she makes could be dangerous, but Luna is sweet girl."

Melissa smiles. "I know…" she says. "I really want to help her the way she helped me in Potions before…"

Nia looks to Melissa "How did she help you in Potions?" She asks trying to get her mind on something other than missing people and trying to get them out. "I've been looking for anything in books about other detentions and I think students bugging the teachers about the problem helps."

Melissa grins. "It was when that substitute professor was here… I still wonder where Professor Snape got to… anyway, she wanted us to take poisons and then the antidotes, to see what they did… the one I got started to turn me into some sort of cave girl or something!" She laughs a bit thinking about it. "I wouldn't have known to take the antidote on my own like that, but luckily Luna was my partner and she didn't get scared or anything, and she got me to take it. I really want to do something to repay her for that…"

Nia shrugs to Melissa's first question but says nothing as she listens to her story with a smile on her face though the image of Melissa as a cave girl brought out a soft laugh. "Wow that must have been some class good thing Luna is such an easy going person and she was able to help. Maybe after all this is done you and a teacher could help her build the detector right or maybe throw her a welcome home party?"

Melissa nods. "Yeah, that's a great idea," she says. "We should definitely set that up…"

Nia claps her hands together "Though I have this odd feeling that savory foods might be better than sweet foods for the party…." She tails off for a moment then suddenly jumps off the desk and onto her feet sending Trevor flying off her lap and landing on the floor. "OH! Maybe we can persuade the headmaster to have like a school dance type of welcome back party so that everyone can have a nice happy ending to the year and forget all this bad stuff that's been going on."

Melissa nods. "That'd be good too," she says. "Maybe even people who couldn't go to the Yule Ball would go to that!"

Nia nods "Yeah. I know I missed the Yule Ball and I know I would love to go. I'll go see if I can find a teacher to talk about the idea. Thanks Melissa I'll see you around! Come on Trevor…" And with that the Slytherin girl sped off with Trevor the toad hopping behind her.

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