1995-05-07: Something's Up with Trevor


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Scene Title Something's Up with Trevor
Synopsis Kelti and Nia talk about their missing friends
Location Hogwarts DATDA classroom
Date May 7, 1995
Watch For Trevor's odd behavior
Logger Nia

The castle has been more dreary for a certain 5th year girl lately. She can't quite put her finger on it but something is wrong and a few of her friends are missing. Nia looks to be on the verge of tears everyday but at least she has Trevor, Neville's toad, following her around so it's a little funny site to see. On this day Nia is chasing after Trevor into the Defense classroom, "Trevor come back here! For the last time Neville isn't in here."

Kelti Garvey is sitting in the classroom beside the creepy glowing, spinning things. Her text books are out so and she looks like she was just trying to find a quiet place to study. The sixth year looks up with surprise when someone else comes into the classroom, "Oh hey…" She looks towards the toad and scoops down to try and pick him up but he hops away in time.

Looking up at the new voice Nia freezes for a moment before smiling weakly. "Oh hi, sorry if I disturbed you or anything." She says softly as she grabs hold of the toad and holds it up to her face. "Trevor for the hundredth time stop leading me here. Now stay in your pocket and behave!" Nia scolds the animal before stowing him away in a special pocket she made for him in her robe.

Kelti smiles politely to the basically unknown girl and raises an eyebrow slightly, "He's leading you here?" She asks before blushing slightly, "Sorry you didn't disturb really, just figured everyone seems so freaked out by that thing so it'd be quiet to study here." She extends her hand to the Slytherin, "I'm Kelti, sorry."

Nia takes Kelti's hand in hers and gives it a little shake before letting it go. "Nia and yeah he's been following me around lately but keeps leading me up here." She sighs sadly as she takes a seat on an empty desk. "Trevor isn't mine he belongs to my friend and well I think he's missing. I have such a bad feeling and I'm really worried."

Kelti sighs lightly, "Yeah one of the huffle first years is missing too. Starting to get worried." She looks at the green thing, "Maybe they shrunk and are in that thing?" She suggests with a shrug.

Nia looks at the wrackspurt detector and raises an eyebrow. "More people are missing too? Oh this is worse than I thought. That's a good possibility Kelti. Do you think we should take that thing to a teacher?" Nia asks as a tear fell down her cheek which is quickly wiped away.

Kelti looks concerned for the girl in true hufflepuff fashion, "Don't think we can move it…I'm sure teachers have looked at it by now." She looks towards where Nia stuffed the toad, "whose toad is it?"

Nia nods as she blinks a few more tears away. "Yeah your probably right. I don't think we should touch it, it looks dangerous." The girl perks up a little at the last question but then looks sadder than ever. "He's Neville Longbottom's toad. I think Fred and Angelina are missing too."

Kelti ohs and raises an eyebrow, "Herbology Neville?" She asks to clarify and then ohs as she mentions the other Gryffindor, "Wow, more people then I thought. I was just get worried about Jackson." The 6th year sigh lightly, "I'm sure the headmaster and professors are already trying to figure it out…"

Nia nods enthusiastically "Yeah that's the guy. I'm sure wherever they are they're ok." She says with hope in her voice as she gave a small smile to Kelti. "I hope they are if not I'm trying to find them too."

Kelti nods her head at this, "Well if you have any ideas ever I'm all ears. It was Jackson's birthday yesterday even." The older girl sighs again and getting up gathers her books, "It was nice to meet you Nia, gotta run to class though." She smiles politely and heads out of the classroom already a little late.

“I will don’t worry the more people who can help the better.” Nia replies as she watches the other girl pack up her books. “Nice meeting you too Kelti…” She calls out as the other girl heads out the door leaving Nia and Trevor alone in the room staring at the creepy detector Luna made as tears fall down her cheeks while she wonders how long it will be before she see’s her friends again.

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