1995-04-27: Twisted Tangled Hearts


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Scene Title Twisted Tangled Hearts
Synopsis Fred and Nia cancel a date and have a deep conversation
Location Hogwarts Lake
Date April 27, 1995
Watch For Therapist Nia
Logger Nia

It isn't the best weather to be out near the lake but Fred Weasley is there. The little drizzle of rain coming down doesn't seem to phase him as he sits down on a bench slightly hidden under a tree. The lake is dotted by raindrops and seems to have captured Fred's attention fully.

Drizzling weather brings out the best in Nia as she loves the gentle rain that comes down from the sky. So with the somewhat bad weather the girl makes her way out of the castle and down to the lake. Once on the grass Nia takes off her shoes and holds them in her right hand as she approaches the lake. Pausing in her tracks for a moment when she saw the familiar red-head already there she smiles and makes her way down to the bank of the lake only to dip her feet into the cold water. "Fancy meeting you here Fred."

Fred watches Nia as he sees her approach the lake but doesn't say anything till she sees him. Raising an eyebrow he look at her shoeless feet, "Going for a wade in this weather?" He asks and smiles slightly, still looking half morose in his seat, "But yeah, didn't expect to see anyone else down here."

Nia sits down on the bank and wiggles her toes under the water while looking over her shoulder to Fred. "Kinda. I came here to think really and the water and rain helps for some odd reason. Anything on your mind that's troubling you?" She asks with concern in her voice. "You seem kinda down today."

Looking up to her Fred stands up and heads over to where she sits. Removing his shoes and socks the red head plops himself onto the wet ground beside her. "It's been a bit of a bugger of a few days."

Nia lets her feet slide a little more into the water as she watches Fred get up and sit beside her. Moving them idly back and forth in the water she looks at them before looking at Fred. "Do you want to talk about it or is it too personal?"

Fred shrugs as he moves the water around with her feet. His hair starting to get rained in becoming a dark red mess on top of his head, "You know I'm going to have to cancel that date Nia. I'm really sorry." He looks towards her with a sad look, "I know I'm a prat."

Nia smiles understandingly but then kinda frowns at the sad look on Fred's face. "It's ok. I don't think you're a prat but may I ask why?" Her hand goes and gently pats his shoulder, making sure to wipe off the mud first, then goes back to the ground.

Fred sighs and runs his clean hand through his hair, plastering it backwards, "It's really complicated and involves more prat-like behavior on my part." He shrugs, "Probably put you to sleep." He chuckles trying to be more cheery.

"Try me," Nia replies with a chuckle. "Though I understand if you don't want to. Sorry for prying but I like to see my friends smile." Tossing some wet hair out of her face her lips curve back into a small smile. "I'm kinda a therapist for my friends and I don't mind."

Fred looks over to her with a questioning look and ponders this for a moment, "Promise you won't kill me in my sleep or dump me in the lake first?" He asks quickly.

Nia raises an eyebrow at his last suggestion but keeps the smile on her lips. "I promise." She replies as she picks up her hand and crosses it over her heart while saying "Cross my heart and hope to die."

Fred narrows his eyes at this and tries to look around at her other hand, obviously feeling a little more back to normal now, "Just making sure there are no crossed fingers anywhere actor lady." He winks to her and sits back again, "You remember when you asks me all those Angie questions?"

Nia wiggles her other fingers that were in the mud too as Fred looks over this being something she anticipated. "Nope no crossed fingers here." She replies to his wink but then nods in all seriousness. "Yeah I remember." She could see where this was going but just to be on the safe side she let Fred continue playing dumb for the moment.

Fred frowns slightly and shrugs, "I'm a bloody prat and a liar. I had thoughts I could just forget about her and go out on a date with you but that's not fair to you or her. Especially after I, um yeah…I'm a prat." He chuckles and tries to give her a winning Weasley smiles.

Nia stays quiet for a while but soon smiles as she looks out over the water. "I figured as much but don't worry about it I totally understand. The heart loves who it wants." She looks back to Fred as she anticipated another response from him and quickly adds, "And no I'm not disappointed or upset or anything like that. Actually there was something on my mind that I was wondering if I could talk to you about."

Fred ohs and seems relieved by her response, "Thank you Nia. I was totally expecting a dump in the lake or worse." He grins and nods his head, "Yep I'm all ears pretty lady." He can't help but be slightly flirty.

"Nah I'm not that type of a girl. Though I might if you get me mad enough." Nia teases before getting a little quiet. "Promise you will keep this just between us?" She asks before going into her secret.

Fred nods his head repeatedly and makes a zipper motion across his lips, mumbling, "Promise." He grins to her and add, "I wouldn't anyways. Can't rat out or spill on friends." Fred is a loyal friend, he is in Gryffindor.

Nia smiles then takes a deep breath, "I'm kinda relieved that you called off the date cuz well…I think I'm falling in love with someone else but I'm not really sure if I should tell him or not."

Fred blinks at this and opens his eyes wide, "Really? So then I'm really off the hook right?" He nudges her with his shoulder and winks to show he's joking, "It's not Neville right?"

Nia laughs at Fred's joke but then looks away for a moment as a blush crept on her cheeks. "Actually yeah it is." There was a long pause from the girl as she let it sink in and half waited for some teasing. "We are really good friends and all but lately I've been really thinking about him a lot and slowly realized that I'm starting to like him a lot more than just a good friend. I actually kissed him kinda by accident too."

Fred raises an eyebrow at this, "Hey kissing people kinda by accident is my thing. How do you kiss him kind of by accident?" He asks with a little bit of a chuckle, "He's a bit of a prat right now. And I think really pissed at me, but he's a good guy. you should like him."

"Well…" Nia starts while her gaze went down to her feet in the water then back to Fred. "I was really excited when my parents got back together and when I went to tell Neville I sorta ran at him, hugged him, then kissed him square on the lips in all the excitement. Why would he be pissed at you?" She asks with a raised eyebrow.

Fred chuckles and brushes his hair back again, "Oh well I um…dude I sort of was up in the astronomy towers with Angie last night and he caught us and freaked out on me for leading you on and yeah Angie is dating George…but George is being a prat right now about her. So I don't know." He looks to her, "what the bloody hell am I suppose to do?"

Nia awws as she blinks away a tear. "That's so sweet…No one has done that for me before.." She clears her throat and gets back to the problem at hand. "Sorry girly moment there. Wow that's quite a predicament. Have you tried talking to George about it? Though that might make things more complicated. Maybe it's best for you to talk to Angie about everything and see what she wants to do."

Shaking his head Fred looks a little defeated. "George is sort of avoiding me or something after he heard I kissed Angie in Hogsmeade. which was totally spur of the moment like your Neville things. But then I kissed her again on the stairs…cause she wanted to to…and then I sort of blurted out I love her when Neville and her were arguing and now I'm lost…but yeah Nevler, good guy. Before I leave this school he'll know everything about it I do."

Nia reaches down and washes off the mud from her hands in the lake then wipes them on her skirt. "Ahh it looks to me like Angie might want to end her relationship with George and start one with you. But don't quote me on that." Now with clean hands she took one and boops Fred's nose with a wink as she jokes. "Your charm and flirting has gotten you far young Weasley. But in all seriousness I'm sure everything will work out fine in time."

Fred chuckles at this and looks aghast at her, "Ah she thinks I'm charming does she?" He winks and leans against her slightly, "Yeah and the way Neville was defending your honor, I'm sure he likes you too. Just talk to him, or do you want me to subtly drop hints? I've gotta tell him the dates off anyways which I'm sure will make him happy."

Nia smiles as she wraps an arm around Fred and gave him a friendly hug as he leans against her. "Well I think your charming but I can't speak for Angie. Though I'm glad to hear that you think Nev likes me but I think I'm going to talk to him next chance I get and I'll tell him about the date too. But maybe you dropping subtle hints would be fun and nice. Thanks Fred you're sweet and I hope you and Angie work out." Sighing happily Nia starts to get up feeling a lot better. "It's getting late I think I better get back to the castle and try and find Neville."

Fred nods his head, "Good luck lady fair. I'm gonna see if Angie's alive. She skipped all her classes again." He sighs and getting up himself mentions, "Um after I change."

Nia frowns at the Angie news but then smiles again as she gave a curtsy to Fred. "Thank you good sir I wish you the best of luck. And Fred," She paused for a moment before saying in her most sincere tone. "Thanks for being a good friend and listening." With that and a wave Nia took her shoes and walked back to the castle.

This RP happened later in the day after Nia kissed Neville and while she was waiting for Neville to come out with the snacks.

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