1995-04-27: Frog Prince


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Scene Title Frog Prince
Synopsis Nia and Neville share a moment
Location Hogwarts 4th Floor Near the Library
Date April 27, 1995
Watch For A kiss and an interesting talk about last Divination class
Logger Nia

Finally out of the Hospital Wing and fully recovered Nia is rushing through the castle bursting with great news. After questioning some other Gryffindor students to try and locate her friend Neville, she decided to head down towards the Library to see is she could catch him. "Please be there Nev I really need to share this with someone."

There is luck in the air, because Neville is heading out of the library that very moment, scooting around a large cluster of students as he makes his way towards the stair case. He only has his book bag with him, slung across his chest, over his school robes. The fourth year adjusts his pointed uniform hat, idly looking up at it.

"Neville!" Nia shouts at soon as she spots him to get his attention then precedes to hurry towards him. "My parents got back together!" She bursts out as she gets closer to the boy and jumps towards him with open arms. Hugging Neville once she lands and makes contact though her landing is a bit off and her lips seem to catch the boy's in a kiss in all the excitement. Quickly realizing this Nia jumps off the boy and turns with a deep red face. "Gosh Neville I'm so sorry…It was an accident."

Neville just has time to glance towards his own name. "Ahh!" the boy squawks, barely having time to lift his arms. He stumbles back, teetering on falling but manages to balance himself out before— Neville's eyes flood open, his face going white. He's left before he can really process it, arms swinging and his eyes unfocused. "Uh…" is all he can muster, looking at her. "Uh. That's… wow. That's great news!"

Still looking away with a red face Nia gulps then gets the nerve to face Neville again. "Yeah. I'm so sorry Nev. I didn't mean to kiss you I was just caught up in the excitement….I…sorry."

Neville starts to wag his head. "Friends… do that," he points out, looking around for… anything really. "And it's /great/ news, so that's great! Really… great." Neville shifts awkwardly, attempting a smile at her. "Did they owl you about it?"

Nia smiles weakly "Yeah but not on the lips Nev…" She clears her throat as the red starts to fade away slowly from her face. "Yeah the letter came right before I landed in the Hospital wing…Bruised and a few broken ribs…" Nia quickly added before he could ask.

"No. There was one time that…" Neville quickly shuts up, because there was never any sort of time he could remember or even make up. "The—what?" His eyebrows knit, looking concerned. The boy looks her up and down, reaching to touch her shoulder hesitantly.

"I'm fine now. All healed up" Nia says quickly as she puts her hand on Neville's that was on her shoulder with a smile. "Crashed into the lake with my broom no biggie." The blush is now completely gone but some awkward thing still lingers on Nia's voice.

Neville reaches, pulling into a swifter, lighter hug. "I'm glad you're all right. That's why I don't touch brooms." He releases her with one more look over. "But your parents! Nia!"

Nia hugs back a little tighter than Neville but still not enough to hurt. "Thanks but flying isn't that bad." Letting go in time with the boy, Nia looks into his face with a smile as she continues. "Yeah I know I can't believe it! It's so nice to have things somewhat back to normal."

Neville turns to glance around, attempting to hide his face as color rips through in place of the drained white. "Normal," he comments, awkwardly laughing at it. "It's… do you take Divination?" Neville wonders suddenly.

Nia nods absently as Neville repeats 'normal' before he laughs, "Yeah well normal wasn't really…" She starts but then trails off as she hears the boy's question. "No I think I dropped Divination never really liked it much. Why do you ask?"

"It was a frog!" Neville says, opening his hands in a quick gesture. "My egg yolk turned into a frog. Which means… blame it on fate. Kissing the frog." This causes him to pause and frown. "Do I seem like a frog?"

Nia just blinks a few times as Neville starts but then laughs softly as she puts a hand on his shoulder. "Oh Neville. My that is an interesting coincidence about your egg yoke and the kiss but no you're not a frog. It was actually really nice." She admits with a pink tint on her cheeks. "I mean it happened so fast and unexpectedly but now that I think back on it was one of the nicest kisses I've had." Nia trails off again as her eyes looks towards Neville's before she jokes, "We could do it again if you're unsure"

Neville claps his hands together, rubbing them with a sheepish look to the girl. He scoots to the side of the hallway, pushing his shoulder to the wall. "I…" he starts, gulping. "My next was a mushroom… which means I have some hard times ahead. So… maybe I shouldn't push my luck?" he quips, giving her a weak smile.

"Ahh I see." Nia replies as she leans against the wall a little disappointed but still happy. At least this really big awkward moment didn't change their friendship. "Well my offer stands if you change your mind…" She added quickly trying to hide the little twinge of disappointment in her voice. "Anything else your egg yoke said?"

Neville shakes his head, letting his eyes roam away. "Not really. Sounds like the hard times will pay off. I thought the whole thing was bollocks, but…" He glances at her. "If my first bally kiss is right after I— heh." He backs up a step.

Nia raises an eyebrow as she catches Neville's glance as she crosses her arms loosely across her chest. "Right after what Nev?" She asks with a smirk of interest as she notices the boy taking a step back. True she had been thinking a lot about their friendship the past month and trying to see what her true feelings were towards the boy but for right now she wanted to see what the boy was up to.

"After Professor Trelawney told me I'd be kissed…" Neville's face falls. "Wow. That— wow. That sounds really… daft. I'm sorry," he begins to babble. "I'm so sorry. Getting caught up on a thing like that. Your parents! We should celebrate somehow. You like cake? Pie?"

"Don't change the subject Neville. What did Professor Trelawney say?" Nia prods as she drops her crossed hands so as not to look threatening. "We can celebrate after you quit avoiding my question." Nia's interests are really peeked now and it's gonna be hard to get her off hearing the answer that now she really wants to hear. "We're friends Nev I promise I won't laugh but you can't just tempt me with something then leave me hanging."

Neville looks at her, blinking. "What was the question, again?" he wonders blankly. "She just told me I'd… turn into a prince. Which doesn't make a slim bit of sense, does it?" He looks down at himself. "I didn't turn into a prince at all."

Nia let out a huge smile and sighs, "Well I dunno I think you did. I mean maybe she meant you will see yourself in a new light. The Frog and Prince could be analogies or something. What does Prince and Frog mean to you?" She asks trying to understand it herself but somewhat knowing where she was going with this.

Neville thinks on this for a moment, rolling on the wall to lean his back full against the stone. "To me?" he repeats, looking at her. "Jeez, I dunno. A princess kisses a frog and he turns back into the prince he used to be. Or was suppose to be originally."

Nia nods in response to this question as she shifts against the wall so she is in a comfier positions as she listens. "I think the frog prince was a prince that was turned into a frog but anyway maybe she was looking at it like you were going to change in life. Like you viewed yourself as a Frog but it took someone to do something to make you change your mind about yourself." Wow maybe she shouldn't have dropped the class?

Neville looks at Nia, a little streak of an impressed expression floating to his face. He is quiet, rolling around her words in his mind. "What would /you/ change about me?" he wants to know quietly.

Nia looks into the boy's dark brown eyes for a moment as she chews on her answer. "I dunno maybe your perception of yourself or…" She pauses as her eyes move to the left and concentrate to a spot on the wall over Neville's shoulder. "Maybe feelings you have inside..Cake sounds good or pie yes defiantly something sweet to celebrate."

"That's already changing," Neville tells her in a low voice. "Nearly bested Angelina in a duel just last night. She's two years above me." His hand flicks up two fingers for emphasis. "All right. Sweet treats it is. You leave that up to me, yeah? I'll bring you a feast!"

"That's brilliant Nev!" Nia exclaims with a sigh of relief as her quick change of subject wasn't noticed at least for now by her friend. "Sure do you want me to bring anything as well or just myself?"

Neville smiles, pushing off the wall. "Just yourself, please," he requests, winking at her. "We can meet on the picnic tables out by the lake, yeah?" he starts forward, glancing back at her.

Nia nods as she too pushes off the wall. "Sounds like a plan to me. Should I change really fast or just go as is?" She asks as she picks up her bag and slings it over her shoulder while waiting for her answer before choosing where to go after.

"Whichever," Neville calls as he hops to the stairs. "It'll take me a few minutes to get everything. So you have time." And with that the boy is off, dashing down the steps three at a time.

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