1995-04-15 Hogsmeade Hormones


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Scene Title Hogsmeade Hormones
Synopsis Mei and Nia meet in Hogsmeade and Neville, Fred, and Angelina join the fun!
Location Hogsmeade High Street
Date April 15, 1995
Watch For Fred's words and Mei's actions
Logger Nia and Neville

With the coming of spring and the wonders of weekends off from school come masses of students. Even the fifth years, with their OWLs looming over head can be found out, though none of them seems to stick out quite as much as Mei. Walking along the streets, the girl looks to be dressed more for a formal outing than a simple weekend away from class. Catching more than her share of looks, the girl wanders slowly and doesn't seem to be paying attention to the way her slight sashay causes the boys to blush.

Another Hogsmead weekend comes around and while it's spring it gives Hogwarts students a nicer time. Stepping out from Dervish and Banges wearing a muggle outfit of a jean skirt, blue top, a some what long white peacoat, and a pair of black heels is Nia with a bag clutched in her hands. Looks like the girl is re-supplying for classes before doing her fun shopping. Sighing happily as she glances around and quickly spotting Mei Nia calls out to her "Oh hey Mei Cute outfit!"

Mei stops right in her tracks. Reaching up she clasps her hands before her face and bows her head "Ni hao!" she states cheerily before cocking her head to one side. "I take it you are out shopping for…well I suppose summer. I don't know why anyone would shop for anything else." The girl teases somewhat before looking curiously into one of the shops. "I do not know why…" she states rather innocently, "but for some reason boys keep staring at me. As to outfit, I thank you. It is not much but I wear it regularly when it is warm."

Nia smiles as she walks over to Mei and absently looks through her purse for something. "Well kinda. I had to re-supply on some quills, ink, and parchment but since I just got those I'm doing my fun shopping." Pulling out a pair of chopsticks from her purse the girl smiles as she found what she was looking for. "Do you think you can do my hair in a bun with these like you did once before? I really loved it on me." Nia asks as she holds out the chopsticks towards Mei then chuckles. "I think your outfit is wonderful but I'm not sure the boys are accustomed to it."

Giggling the girl nods. Walking over she hmms some and then smiles. "You know…" the girl whispers, looking curiously at the other girl's hair before snickering "The boys are staring more now…"

Nia looks down at her outfit and blushes a little not realizing how much she grew when she wore this skirt last. "Wow I guess I didn't realize how short my skirt was. I guess I must have grown since I wore it last."

Shaking her head, Mei just giggles softly before starting to put the other girl's hair up. She takes her time, making sure to loop it properly before tucking in each chopstick. "There. Ready to go break hearts."

Shrugging Nia holds still while Mei plays with her hair and puts it up in a bun. "Beautiful" She exclaims as she looks at her reflection in a mirror then laughs at Mei's last statement. "Well I guess but I've never been the one to break hearts."

Giggling softly, Mei shakes her head. "You could I bet. If you wanted." Looking to the girl she hmms. "It's a shame you are not my size, I'd loan you one of my dresses just to prove it to you."

Nia blushes "Thanks but it's odd I've never really thought of my self as being sexy or anything. I guess I was more into my school work than meeting boys. Though thanks for the offer." She muses with a smile as she shifted her bag into her hand.

Mei blinks and then hmms. Walking right over to Nia she reaches out, touches the girl's forehead, then cheeks, then lifts her hand to sniff before raising an eyebrow. "No fever…no pallor, so you're not dead…" sniffing Nia's hand again she adds "No scent of the library. Ok, so you're not a Ravenclaw in disguise. You sure you're feeling alright miss? I think there's something going round, but I'd not known Slytherins had it yet…"

Padding along the high street from opposite side of the castle is young Neville Longbottom, hands stuffed to his pockets and his eyes down at the muddy puddles that frequent the bumpy street in the spring. He winds about them, though his shoes are already a bit muddy. He even manages a jump, but ends up splashing the water up with his heels. The Gryffindor doesn't move as the water rushes back to flood about his feet, his attention gathered by flash of red fabric up ahead.

Nia blinks and froze a little as Mei began her examination as her eyes look over the girl but then laughs as she continues. "My mother was a Ravenclaw and she kinda brought me up with a love for reading and my studies. I'm pretty sure I'm fine but I am a little self conscious about my outfit now." Glancing around the Slytherin noticed Neville in the distance and quickly waves her hand while calling "Hey Neville!"

Giggling gently, Mei rolls her eyes. "You told me that and I swear I forgot it." Hearing the Hufflepuff who got sorted wrong into Gryffindor is about, Mei turns and smiles. Clasping her hands before her face, Mei bows her head and bows slightly. "Ni Hao" she says cheerily before looking to Neville and oh'ing softly. "Come on…come on…" Going all mother hen, the girl pads over (dodging the puddles) and tries to escort the boy out of the mud and puddle. "you'll catch a cold and I'm certain they'll blame it on me."

Neville finds himself giggling as Mei leads him out of the world of puddles. "I'm fine, I'm all right!" he scolds her in a friendly tone. "Wotcher, Nia. Glad for the Hogsmeade weekend? I am." The boy isn't dressed nearly as nice. A normal looking cream button up shirt with a brown sweater vest along with a worn pair of jeans. "Even if it's a bit damp," he adds.

"It's ok. Most people seem to think both my parents are Snakes but it's fun to watch their faces when I tell them otherwise." Nia replies with a smile before turning her attention to watching Mei go all motherly on Neville. "Yes very glad. I'm almost out of parchment and ink plus it's a nice break from the castle." Nia replies to Neville as she takes a few steps towards him and rubs his right cheek. "I think your puddle play resulted in some mud on your cheek but I got it."

Mei laughs gently, watching Nia also mother poor little Neville. Shaking her head the girl tucks her hands behind her back as she watches. "Nia, I think you might make the boy blush if you keep it up." Winking conspiritously at Nia though she seems to egg on the other girl.

Neville wrinkles his nose and squints his eyes as she rubs off the bit of smudge on his cheek. "Yeah, yeah," he sighs, attempting to step away playfully. "You're as bad as my Gran, both of you!" He rubs the same spot himself. See? He can take care of himself!

Nia flushes a little as she took her hand away quickly. "Sorry Nevs." She replies softly before eyeing Mei. "I dunno about that Mei, Neville is used to my oddness since he's my friend though lately you have been making me blush today." Looking back at the Gryffy boy Nia quickly changes the subject. "Speaking of your Gran have you asked her about visiting yet? My parents said it was fine with them."

Giggling gently, Mei just shakes her head. "I make YOU blush? My goodness, that is a new development." Playfully leaning in, she kisses Neville on the cheek (probably leaving a bit of lipstick there). "You be good. I'll return presently." Heading into one of the shops, the girl is gone a bit of time before returning with three sodas, one for each. "I wasn't sure what you liked, so I just bought something sweet." Extending the bottles she waits.

Sauntering out from the Three broomsticks leaves Fred Weasley muttering under his breath about unfair practices. He yells out behind him as he leaves, "A boy ought to be able to set up shop wherever the goings good.” He shakes his fist in the air and then shaking his head chuckles to himself as he heads down the street. Catching sight of Neville before he really focuses on anyone else he calls out, "Nevler!" And heads in his friend's (well sort of) direction, "How ya doing old chum." He tries to slap Neville on the back lightly if the boy doesn't move away. Then Fred looks up and sees the one departing female and the other. He gets his slightly flirtatious grin on and bobbing his head adds, "Howdoyado." All jumbled together to Nia.

Neville goes red at the kiss. "Blimey," he mutters, watching the girl walk to the shops. "I…" he attempts to say something. Anything. He rubs his cheek again, scrubbing away the makeup, but failing to scrub away the blush. He's still very much red by the time Mei returns. He's also avoiding any and all eye contact for the moment being. Until Fred enters the scene. "'Lo, Fred. Bad luck in the Broomsticks?" His voice is a little squeaky.

Nia just blinks as she watches Mei kiss Neville's cheek then run off and return with drinks. "Thanks Mei" Nia replies as she takes the bottle in her hands and avoids eye contact as well until Fred comes. "Very well thank you, Fred is it? I'm Nia. Nia Fox pleasure to meet you." She replies with a small nod towards Fred before taking a sip of the soda real fast. "Are you one of the famous Weasley twins?"

Giggling some she blushes spotting Fred. Ducking her head the girl ah's some and then extends the last bottle. She'd gotten it for herself, but wordless she offers it to him, muttering something in quick nervous Chinese.

Fred grins to Neville and fake leans on the shorter boy, just above him shoulder doing a bit of a mime act, "Yep that's me, though I didn't know I was famous, normally leave that to Georgey boy." He says cheerfully. Looking to Mei he winks to her and gives her an almost childish little half wave, lets see if he can make her blush. He nods his head to Neville, "Yeah apparently you can't sell products as wonderful as mine out of their establishment, I got tossed out for the rest of the day."

Neville looks at his soda wit ha mumbles, embarrassed thanks. What an interesting label. "Famous?" he repeats chortling. "Infamous, more like. Wouldn't believe the trouble they've gotten me into over the years." Even still, Neville aims a warm face to the Weasley. "Wouldn't be Hogwarts without a Weasley." His neck cranes and he still avoids the girls. "Ah well, you should just buy your own store front. I hear the shop farthest on the left up and closed after… after the Death Eaters attack. But I also heard the owner was on vacation in Peru."

"Your pranks have gotten around but your awesome Quidditch play is what first comes to mind" Nia replies with a little smirk to Fred before smiling to Neville. "That's true I have heard that but do you think he will open back up after the attack or try and sell the place?" Cocking her head slightly towards Fred once more Nia adjusts her bag in her other hand and slides it up to her shoulder before asking, "What are you selling by the way Fred? I've heard rumors but as we all know rumors are most likely not true."

Mei is a curious girl, standing there. One moment, not too long ago she was quite bubbly and happy, flirting playfully with Nia and chatting Neville….wait, other way around. Flirting with Neville, chatting up Nia. Either way, she was having a bit of fun. Oddly enough now though she's gone dead silent, just shuffling over a bit getting somewhat closer to Nia.

Fred points to Neville as he straightens himself up and smiles again, "Yeah infamous, I do like the sound of that better. And come on Nevler, you still love us, nothing better then a bit of trouble." He winks and looks in the direction of the shop that is closed, "Well can't afford my own shop yet but working towards it." He smiles at the items question, "Well you see Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes is just starting but we sell the finest products you'll find anywhere. Items to get you out of class, amaze your friends, or just amaze yourself." He grins and raises an eyebrow towards the randomly quiet Mei.

Neville steps back, letting himself from the direct conversation. He still pipes up, smirking at Fred. "Never again with those pastries. It gave me a beak, for Merlin's sake. I still can understand bits and pieces of what birds are saying. Daft things, birds."

Nia is too enthralled with her conversation with Fred to notice Mei going quiet or inching closer to her. "Ahh I see. I'll have to buy a few from you guys later and see for myself. I wonder if you have anything that could disrupt a potion's class?" Nia muses aloud before letting out a soft laugh. "Oh Nevs a beak really? Wow though I've always wondered what birds talked about."

Giggling softly to herself, Mei just tries to shrink away; stealing glances at Fred but not looking at him too much. Still staying silent, it almost looks like she's trying to HIDE behind Nia. Yeah, that's it. The older (by a year) Slytherin girl is a good bit of camouflage. That'll work. Don't mind the cute puff here. Nothing to see…

Fred chuckles loudly at Neville, "Ah man I figured out the recipe for those completely this time I promise." He slaps Neville on the back lightly again unless he moves away, "I wouldn't do that to you twice, Angie might kill me in my sleep. Well if I was lucky in my sleep." He winks and looks towards Nia, "Yeah just catch me sometime at school. I can show you the ware."

Neville snorts. "I wouldn't try them again in my life was on it. 'Course, maybe you could convince our friends here," he says, dipping his head at the female students. "Yeah… a canary beak. I looked ridiculous." Neville scrubs again at the cheek, just incase the lipstick isn't all the way off. He flushes again, merely at the thought of it.

Nia giggles as she crosses her arms lightly in front of her chest. "I'll defiantly be stopping by and checking out what you've got." She says to Fred before blinking as she remembers something. "Oh Neville do you want another bag of caramels or do you still have some? I've got tons left. No one seems to want them." Just then she rummages in her bag to see if she has any in there. "Ah HA I do have a bag in here does anyone want one?" Nia asks as she takes out the candy and offers it around. "I made them myself."

Smiling just a bit longer, Mei finally giggles some before leaning up to whisper something to Nia. It vaguely sounds like a "watch this." Mei is not normally quiet, which probably should throw up flags to anyone that is around. She's bubbly, something of a mild prankster, and KNOWN for being too cute for her own good. She's also known for using this to her advantage to get just what she wants. Giggling softly she rocks up on her heels before suddenly reaching out in an attempt to grab Fred and pull him to her in a hug and then kiss his cheek. If executed properly, she'd leave a rather red smear of lipstick on his face before letting go and turning to head back up to the castle, never saying a word or even looking back.

The street is full of students going every which way. Neville, Nia and Fred Weasley are standing out on the sidewalk conversing as Mei heads off. It's getting later and Fred just stares at Mei after she kisses his cheek, "Hey only my mother's allowed to leave lipstick on me!" He calls out after her and makes a grossed out face before trying to whip it off in a bit of a disgruntled way. Shaking his head he raises his eyebrow at the mention of caramels, "Just caramels? No trick?" He seems a little astounded by this and then winks to Neville, "Nah no more birdie food for you Nevler. Can't trick you into that one twice."

From out of nowhere, Angie comes around the corner, coming up next to Fred. She motions for the other two to just be silent a moment, as she stands there, just behind him, watching with a wicked grin.

Neville stares, wide-eyed at Fred as the kiss is lain on him and Mei makes an exit. "Girls are bonkers!" He fumes, rubbing at his cheek with knitted, confused eyebrows. "Completely mad, the lot of 'em!" His statement is loud, and a few surrounding girl students in the street shoot him glares. Neville's face falls, looking sheepishly at Angie and then to Nia. "Erm… yeah, more caramels'd be nice. M'fresh out." Grulp.

Nia clutches onto the bag of candies harder as Mei's actions almost made her drop it. Man she gives girls a bad name, Nia thinks before looking from Angelina then quickly to Fred. "No tricks just candy. You see why I've been having a hard time giving them out." She jokes as she gives the bag to Neville. "Please don't judge all girls by Mei's example Nev. She's just…well..I dunno." Nia winks as she pats the boy's shoulder a few times.

Fred grins to Nia before shaking his head, "No that's not how you do it. They gotta do something. Like cause you to sing every word or actually. I like that idea…" He stops talking and seems to be pondering how to do just such a thing. A impish grin spreading across his face before he shakes his head and gets back to reality, "Yeah she's a little um…forward, then gets all quiet. Quiet confusing, and a little um…yeah." He drowns off, "What you need Nev is a sweet little lady like Nia here. Obviously upfront, quite a looker and I think she like you mate." He is a jerk sometimes it seems and elbows Neville lightly adding a huh-huh.

From right behind Fred. "Well, Fred, I don't know why you want my advice. Looks like you already have lipstick on your cheek there, mate." Angie grins, coming up to stand next to him then. "Now…don't be pushing people, Fred. Some people like to do things in their own time." She waves then, greeting the others. "Neville. Nia. Good day?"

Neville snaps his eyes to Fred as he takes the bag of caramels. "Candy between friends. What on earth are /you/ on about?" He laughs, obviously taking Fred's words as pure teasing from the Weasley. "I didn't mean /you/, Nia. I meant girls. I mean… you /are/ a girl! You're just like Angie here who— who is a girl /too/, of course. I just…" Neville shuts up, falling to a flush of color to his face. He grabs a caramel out of his bag and munches on it to keep his mouth occupied.

"Well I wasn't really thinking about them doing anything. My Grandma sent me the recipe and I just decided to make them one night." Nia starts before she turned bright red and kinda froze on the spot. "I dunno…I..er..Neville and I are just friends…yeah friends…I'm…not.." Nia blunders out before turning a little and looking at Angelina "Uh yeah.." Though this got Nia to thinking about her friendship with Neville and that made her blush a little more. Did she have feelings for him like that or do they just have an odd friendship? "I get what you mean Neville," Nia replies softly still slightly turned away from the boy and looking at her shoes.

Fred throws his arm over Angie's shoulder and leans his head on top of hers, "Yeah I guess. Everyone could be like Angie and me here. Eternal enemies and friends." He squeezes the girl's shoulders but doesn't move his arm down unless she tries to escape his evil grasps, "Or maybe just friends. You haven't tried to kill me this last week I think." He winks and looks to the poor flusters guy and gal with a bit of a chuckle, "Alright then."

Neville is fairly busy cramming caramels in his mouth. He turns full attention away from Nia and to Fred and Angelina, ignoring the burning on his cheeks and his ear tips. "Woff meff," he attempts to say. The boy has to swallow down the caramels and try again. "Was Mei. She's likely off planting the same color on every boy in Hogsmeade, so don't be /too/ impressed with him, Angie."

Fred looks flabbergasted at Neville, "Ah thanks Nevler. Now I can't even try and make her a wee bit jealous." He winks to the younger boy and quickly kisses the top of Angie's head before saying, "Well I got a few more things to do before supper you lovely people, then grub time." He says gleefully and finally lets Angie out of his grasp and heads off.

Taking a deep breath and regaining her composure a little Nia looks up and smiles and Angie and Fred. "Yeah that girl makes Luna looks normal…" She jokes. "But she's sweet in her own way." Chuckling she gave Fred a wave as he left. "Later Fred. Who are you playing against Angelina in the next game I can't remember?"

A bit of an odd look comes across her face when Fred kisses her head, but she says nothing, choosing to let him run off. "Mei? She did it? Yeah…well, that's good to know at least." She turns to look at the others, smiling again. "This time? Oh, I don't know. We'll see who shows up to play. Last time, it was a pickup game, but that ended with a firstie in the Hospital Wing after a bludger to the face."

Neville huffs as Fred escapes. He swings a very sheepish look to Nia. "Thanks for the caramels. I love 'em, but you know that." He holds the bag close. "Another pickup game? Well, I should save these so I can eat them up in the stands." He peeks down into the sack with a slow growing smile. "Angie is brilliant on a broom. Do you fly, Nia?"

"Ouch sounds painful." Nia says with a grimace then smiles. "Don't worry I can give you another bag in time for the game if you want." Relaxing so now she feels like her regular self the Slythy looks back to the pair. "I do fly but not as great and Angie. Though I haven't flown in awhile…I think I'll have a nice flight when I get some free time."

Angelina waves a hand at Neville, ducking her head at his compliment. "Oh..Neville. I'm not that good. I just know a lot of fancy tricks. But thank you." A small grin is given to him. "Why don't you come fly with us for the game, Nia? We can make you seeker or something?"

Neville seems pleased, picking another caramel out. "I like my feet on the ground, personally. But watching Quidditch… if /watching/ it was a sport, I'd be on my house team for sure. I don't miss a game."

Nia brushes a few fingers through her bangs as she tries to remember where she put her broom. "I'd love to fly with you guys I just hope I can find my broom in time." She muses before looking at the sky. "Well I guess I'll have to do my other shopping tomorrow but at least I got what I came for. Let me know when the game is and I'll do my best to come though right now I have to get back. I'm waiting for an important letter that should be coming any moment and my owl hates waiting for me. I'll catch you guys around." And with a wave to the pair Nia set off back towards the castle.

"I'll look forward to see you there, then." Angie gives Nia a wave as she runs off, then looks to Neville. "You're always at the games. You know we appreciate that, right? The team, I mean."

Neville tucks his bag of candies into his pants pocket as he waves goodbye to Nia with maybe just a small blush once more. "Oh, well, we're Gryffindor!" he tells Angie, looking at her brightly. "Best team in the history of Hogwarts, if you ask me. I always wear my lucky socks to the games. Got 'em in Diagon Alley at the Quidditch store. They have all the balls on 'em, flying about some clouds." From the way he laughs and scrubs his nose, this might be obvious it's a bit of a hidden secret of his.

Angelina leans forward to look at Neville, grinning. "Oh really? Next time, you have to show me the lucky socks. Please? Cause I gotta see 'em. Maybe we will add them to the uniforms, if they are that lucky. Though most of us have our own favorite socks and knickers and the like. It might be hard to get us to change."

Neville leans away a bit to counteract her lean, eyes wide and blinking. "Aheh," he squeaks. "I might show you! Maybe. If you're nice to me, of course." His hands fidget at each other, the color coming back to his face.

This makes Angie pull back a little. Both because he clearly didn't like it when she leaned close, and because of his words. "I…I'm sorry if I've ever not been nice to you.."

Sauntering back down the street comes Fred again, still sadly Georgeless, but he has a smile on his face and a jingle emits from his pockets. Catching sight of Nevler and Angelina he heads back over to them and smiles brightly, "Heya Kids. Miss me?"

Neville frowns suddenly. Poor, spooked Neville. "Jumpin' gobstones, Angie! You've never been mean to me for a minute!" His hands fly up to her shoulder. And then… he freezes. His eyes, and his eyes only, slide to the suddenly-there Fred Weasley. Whimper.

Angelina doesn't seem the least bit disturbed by Neville putting his hands on her shoulders. "Well. Good. Alright. I wanted to make sure. The way you said that made me wonder if I had done something to you." She looks over as Fred returns. "Of course we missed you. How could we not?" She actually has to pause this time and look a little closer. "Fred."

Fred peers back at Angie in a bit of a jesting way and leans forward to kiss her on the cheek quickly if she doesn't pull away super quick, "Yeah, you know it." He answers and looks to Neville, "Ah man what I do this time to you lad? I was being good, I swear." He winks.

Neville 's hand picks up off Angelina, much like how skin peels of a burning surface. "Bloody hell," he curses to himself, taking the same hand and using the heel of his palm to rub a circle into his forehead. "You're fine Fred," he peeps out past Fred's kiss to Angeline. "I'm fine, Angie's fine!"

Angelina looks at Neville oddly, and then at Fred just as oddly at the kiss on the cheek. She stands there, looking back and forth between the two of them, trying to figure out what the heck……"Uh….yeah. We're…all fine.."

Fred chuckles and is a little confused by this all so just crosses his arms over his chest and looks between the two with a perplex expression colouring his features, "Alright…what the bloody hell did I miss? Nevler propose to you or something Butterfly?"

Neville 's mouth opens to say… something to Fred. Nothing comes out so instead poor Neville simply stands and looks like a fish out of water. "No," finally comes a very, very tiny voice.

"Uhm. No." Angelina mimics Neville's answer, and suddenly, her cheeks turn darker. "I just..you didn't miss anything, Fred. You got any sour candy? Regular sour candy?"

Fred hums and peers at Angie like she might be sick, "Um yeah…" Her digs around in his pocket for something he actually bought and didn't make and then hands over a little bag to Angie with a confused look still on his face, "Alright…" Bloody Hell, these people be crazy.

Neville backwheels a little, brushing himself with the want to have something to occupy his now-idle hands. "Think something is in those caramels?" he wonders, half joking, half desperate for it to be true.

"I don't know. I didn't have any of it. Maybe she put a l..err..something in it." Angie takes the bag from Fred and digs through for a long, long, long time, keeping her focus there.

Fred looks to Angie and then to Neville with a questioning look on his face still, "Oh man I'm dying here guy…" He says dramaticly and gives Angie some oh so adorable pleading puppy-dog eyes. He moves over to stand by her and reaches for the bag to take it from her, "Here let me Angie…" Hr says quietly trying to keep the two calm, since they have obviously gone insane.

Neville shakes himself from his stupor, his head literally wagging for a second. "Look— what? Fred. What on earth are you doing?" he wants to know. The fourth year steps to the side, eyeing the pair.

"I was just looking for a cherry sour…." Angelina looks between the two boys. GREAT FRED. You took away her diversion. "Uhm..why don't we go get a butterbeer?!"

Fred looks towards the three broomsticks questioningly and can't Angie a cherry sour he seemingly just randomly picked out of the bag, "You think they'll let me back in yet?" He smiles towards her and pulls out a few more cherry sours for her if she wants them and the looks to Neville, "What? What do you mean Neville?" He eyes Neville back and still has a confused almost dazed look on his face, randomness is Fred but not this much from other people.

Neville starts taking rather large breaths of air. "I should," he begins to stammer, throwing his gaze around. "Go?" It wasn't really meant to be a question, but there Neville stands, very quizzical at the other two.

The cherry sour is accepted and popped into her mouth. After making an appropriately sour face, and swallowing a few times, Angie finally speaks. "Yeah. They'll let you in. Come on Neville. You can come too. I'll buy." She takes the extra candies as well. "I'll make sure to get you some more, Fred. Promise."

Fred shakes his head, "No need pretty lady." He grins to her and shakes his head to Nevler, "No need lad, come along. Besides George might kill me if I've left along with Angie for to long." He starts off in the direction of the three broomsticks.

Neville chews gingerly on his bottom lip, boyish curls looking a bit flat in the spring humidity. "All right," he manages to say, tagging along behind the pair nervously.

"Alright then." Angie turns to head that way, chewing on her cherry sour. She walks behind the two boys, gaze down on her feet as she follows.

Fred walks ahead of the pair and turns around to walk backwards facing the pair, "So three butterbeers on me?" He asks and smiles brightly narrowly avoiding a few firsties but not seeming to care, "And honestly, lighten up the world didn't end today and no dark marks hanging in the air peeps."

Neville looks up, as if checking just to make sure. "Too many candies," he says, making an excuse for himself. "I could use a butterbeer, but I have money enough for us, Fred."

"Oh…both of you, shut it. I've got the butterbeers. Neville, you're tutoring me, and Fred you've….been good. So I've got it. Stop arguing with me." Once inside, Angie turns and pushes through the crowd, finding them a table. "You guys sit down, and I'll go get the drinks."

Fred doesn't protest for once and just take his seat making a zipper across his lips after spouting out, "Well yes ma'am." He leans over to wink at Neville and says, "I do like a woman in charge don't you." Can't stay quiet for long.

Neville takes a seat, eyes following Angelina with a whitered sigh. He makes a very deep throated 'urk' noise, going white and looking to Fred with disbelief. He looks a bit sick.

Thank Merlin Angie is pushing her way through the crowd to get butterbeers, and can't hear what the boys are saying. Fred would likely get a stinger for that!

Fred watches Angie head of and then looks to Neville questionly, "What's wrong mate?" He is still confused, always the last one into anything remotely serious, "Just an observation."

"Nothing," Neville says through tight lips. His eyes search out for Angelina. He begins to pick himself up off his chair, unsure whether if he should make a break for it.

Angelina doesn't look back at the boys, but she finally pushes her way to the bar itself and orders the drink. While she's waiting, she opens another of the cherry sours and pops it into her mouth. Grinning, she jokes with some fourth year standing next to her.

Fred nods her head to Neville sort of off handedly and continues to watch Angelina as she get's there drinks, "you sure mate? You looks a little flustered when I came by. You and Angie alright?" Fred starts to relize something might actually be wrong.

Neville settles, slowly, back to his seat. "I have no idea," he admits. The boy runs a hand through his hair, crossing his eyes to try to peek up at some stray curls. "No bloody clue."

Angelina pulls the coins out of her pocket and pays for the three on the bar, then orders three more for when the server comes back past the table again. Oh. And an order of chips too, for all of them to share. Lifting two mugs in one hand, and one in the other, she turns to make her way through and push her way back to the table.

Fred grins to Neville, "Well whatever it is she's a strong lass. I'm sure she'll get over it and be back to her old cheery self any moment now. You can always count on Butterfly. Bloody perfect that woman." He looks over towards her again almost a little wistfully and mutters something involving would've under his breath. Then goes all quiet cause here she comes, don't wanna talk about her when she's right there.

Neville 's fingers have been doing a number on the table, the tips digging to the wood. "She is," he croaks, steadying himself to look up at the girl coming back. He tries his best smile. It… somewhat looks like a smile, perhaps.

"Here we go! Butterbeers!" All three of them are put down on the table, and she takes up one of the empty seats closest to the two of them. "I ordered our next round too. And an order of chips. As hot as they can be when they come out."

Fred grins to Angie and picks up his butterbeer, "you're a bloody saint Butterfly." He smiles to her and takes a sip from the mug in front of him then grins to Neville, "To the quidditchmatch on monday prehaps?" He says wishfully and grins, "Gruffindor'll beat the snot out of all comers." The boy grins.

Neville says a very quiet thanks before reaching for his mug, dragging it closer and curling both hands around the glass. His eyes lock in on it, only turning an ear to the other two. "Butterfly," he repeats and snorts a laugh.

Angelina raises her butterbeer, saluting it to Fred with a grin. "To quidditch, then." She smiles, then takes a drink before lifting her arm to wipe off the foam with her sleeve. "Hey..no snorting there, Longbottom. What's so funny?"

Fred looks to Neville and chuckles at the younger boy, "Yeah butterfly, cause she glides so perfectly through the air on a broom." He explains his choice of nicknames, "And she's pretty to boot." He winks to Angie, waiting for the slap to come with a wince.

Neville doesn't dare snort again. He just takes a hasty swig of butterbeer and looks up, foam hanging on his upper lip. It's licked away, but Neville just goes right back to his drink. "Thin ice, mate," he murmurs to Fred.

"THAT is why you chose butterfly?" Angie stares at Fred. And stares. And looks at Neville. And then her cheeks go darker again. Luckily, just then, the chips show up. She grabs the vinegar to dump over the top.

Fred looks at Angie with a looks of confusion again, "Well…um…yeah. It suit." And here he thought he was being nice, why are gals confusing. He eyes Neville and raises an eyebrow.

Neville catches eye contact with Fred. He shrugs and very hesitantly reaches for a chip. Even female terrors can't keep him from his food.

Hey! She's not that much of a terror! "Mmm…good and hot." She scoots it over so they can all share. She takes one gingerly in her fingers, careful because of just how hot they are. "Thank you." It's barely muttered in Fred's direction.

Fred smiles a rather dashing grin in her direction then nudges Neville under the table. He picks up a chip and before he eats it says, "No thank you butterfly." He leans back in his seat and feels better about the world.

Neville screws up a corner of his mouth, taking another bite of his chip. The glare is lifted from Fred and his face softens as he looks towards the 'Butterfly'.

Fred and Neville both get smiles as the group gets quiet to eat. After eating a chip or three, Angie asks.."Anyone want anymore more than just chips? I'm kind of hungry. Maybe we should get another order of them?" She crosses her legs in her chair, getting comfortable.

Fred shakes his head at Angie, "No thanks hun, I snatched a snack before I headed out." He admits and shrugs, "But if you both what something, "I really can get it." A little proud of himself for the money he made this weekend he smiles brightly.

"I'm all right," Neville says with a small, pressed frown. His butterbeer is half drained now, and he looks at the froth that piles up within the mug. His fingers tighten around the glass.

There is another one coming! Have no fear! Angie picks up another chip and shrugs. "Alright then." She takes a huge drink of the butterbeer, then sighs. "So…how do you think I should go about telling daddy that I am not going to go pro?"

Fred blinks and spits out a little bit of butter beer through his nose, "You're not gonna go pro!" He exclaims a little to loudly and a few people in the restaurant look towards him. He lowers his voice and look at her astounded, "What the bloody hell are you gonna do Angie?"

"What?!" Neville repeats, nearly as loud as Fred. But, then, he remembers her newer advances and settles for a tennis match spectator. His eyes flick to Fred, to Angie, to Fred, and back. "Quidditch players don't need herbology," he comments to Fred. "But Angie does. Makes sense."

"SHHHHHHHHH!!!" Angie looks around to see who heard that, checking to be sure her little sister isn't close. "It's why I changed my classes..why I am suddenly in your charms and herbology class. I had to drop ancient runes, but I'm already in potions and defense and advanced defense…" Those classes add up to only one thing. Auror.

Fred hums and rubs his chin thoughtfully. But Fred isn't stupid, not at all and he suddenly comes to the conclusion she is aiming for, "Wait…you're going be an Auror? Angie that's bloody dangerous." He says before he thinks and immediately tries to explain, "I mean not like you can't but Angie…if anything happens to you…" He stops and suddenly thinks this is his brother's job not his, a crest fallen looks comes onto Fred Weasley's face. One he doesn't experience often.

"She isn't daft," Neville insists to Fred. "She'd be a bloody good one, and you know that." Still, as Fred has his epiphany, Neville has his. He looks to Angeline, falling silent to let her fight her own battles.

Angelina lifts her eyes to Fred. She's not angry. She's certain of herself though. "Only two, Fred. Remember what I told you. Two. I'm not going to play a game, flying around on a broom and hanging upside down while you are not one of the two. Or George."

Fred looks towards her, "But…I could be there." He says weakly then says a little more strongly, "Or I could be there…" A thought crosses his face and he makes little to no sense to anyone but then when has he ever, "Yeah…" He looks to Neville quickly and is gonna have to ask him for alot of help it seems.

Neville looks completely lost. The lad also appears to be a bit crestfallen, shifting his attention to Fred for a moment. Maybe he was the easier of the the pair to crack. "The two? One of the what?" He head turns and he tries Angelina. "Two of what? Who?"

"Oooohho no, Fred. You and George are going to open your joke shop. I can't let you change just because you want to keep an eye on me. We were all going to not be together anyway…neither one of you wanted to go pro.." Angie takes another drink and looks to Neville. "It..its nothing. Just a conversation I had with someone."

Fred looks to Angelina and then burries himself in the butter beer with a shake of his head, "Yeah…sure." Fred isn't all laughs for the mometn and it shows vividly on the young adult who is normally the centre fo the parade (57 bloody balloon and all). "Sure Angie, keep the joke shop…that what George wants?" He asks in a way to make it sound off hand.

Neville scowls at this. "Oh no you don't," the boys says in an even tone. "I'm working really hard to help you catch up in herbology." His voice is low, but there is fire in it even still. "So don't think for a minute you're keeping /me/ out of the loop. I deal with that secretive nature with Harry, Hermione, and Ron /Weasley/," a pointed look to Fred. "And it gets them and occasionally me in more trouble than it's worth." Neville is straight up in his chair, giving Angelina a /look/ that adds a few healthy years on the usually meek boy.

Angie looks at Fred, hard. Her lips press together before she looks away, not answering him about George. She hasn't exactly told him yet, after all. Neville's outburst, however, catches her attention. Blink. "Uh. Well. Someone told me that there are only two people left of their Hogwarts graduating class and group of friends. Everyone else is dead."

Fred looks at Angie, "Not gonna happen lady…you know what I told you about that even if it does." He points out and then says to not keep Neville in the dark, "Angie and George…nothing is gonna happen to those two." He sounds focus on this and purses his lips right back at her, "So why not? Why can't I follow your footsteps butterfly? Not good enough a wizard or something foolish like that?" He asks pointedly and leans forward across the table towards her, "Who's going remember to break the rules when you have to?"

Neville doesn't seem satisfied, but he gawks a little and Angie's desciption. "Who?" he demands, voice cracking slightly. "What class? Who's dead?" He leans forward, shoulders bunching up and eyes locked in.

Oh no. Fred is gonna go there, is he? "I never said you weren't a good enough wizard! But you and George have plans and hopes and dreams. And you always knew what you wanted to do. I can break rules when I have to. You think I only break them because the two of you being around?" Some of these were likely not good arguments, because, well, they fit for her too! But she used them all the same. "No Longbottom. I'm not telling you who told me. But…someone who is older than us. All that is left of their class and friends are two. I intend to make sure that more than two of my friends are left. And that means Fred and George."

Fred gives Angelina a burning look, "Fine then. We've established that I'm just as good a wizard as you. So then don't argue when I say I'm gonna to be an Auror, to protect you or /not/." He looks to Neville then back to Angie, "So live with it butterfly. Gotta live with alot of stuff myself." Oh he went there…Jerry Springer like even.

Neville's voice might be considered more of a snarl. It's not threatening, if that's possible, but it indicates that Neville has a lot of emotion packed in. "Don't you pretend you two are the only bloody people with something to lose. All of us do, some of us have already!" He draws himself up, out of his chair, jaw set firm. "Both of you daft gits need to stop acting like your lives are going to end. What a damn waste, if you ask me. Worse things than death are out there." He's never told a single friend, no, not even one here at school. And now won't be the first time. Instead the angry boy looks a mixture of sad and angry, loving towards his friends despite the deadly look being given to them. This, as far as anyone who knows Neville well, can tell he does it out of love. But he does not intend to stay to explain, he simply turns and storms towards the door of the pub, hustle in his step as he fights off sudden tears.

Angie opens her mouth, but can't form an argument for Fred, not one here in the pub, anyway! Her mouth still hanging open, she looks at Neville…"Hey now…." She tries to calm him, blinking, finally, and just letting him go, only to look back at Fred.

Fred looks back at Angie after watching Neville storm off in his huff, "Yes?" He says egging her on with a bit of a smile on his face, "Just say it Butterfly…" He says in a low tone towards her.

Angelina presses her lips together, leaning forward. "You can't be an auror because it isn't what you WANT to do. You don't WANT to do it. You only want to protect me. Not a good enough reason. Got it?"

Fred shakes his head at Angie and reaches out to tap her on the nose, "You get inside my head or something luv. I can be whatever I want once I'm all growned up." He says jestingly and grins at her, "Protector or Angies, proprietor or joke shops, or what have you. I'm doing whatever I fell like or what feels right."

Angelina shakes her head, trying to impress upon him. "Fred..please. Just…listen to me. Please don't do this. I don't doubt your ability, or your skill. I just know where your dreams lie. And where George's lie. And I know if either of you…" Her voice trails off. "I can give up playing a game.."

Fred looks towards her with a seriousness that is rarely seem in any Weasley (except Percy…the prat), "Yeah games…If George knows what's best for him…" He trails off and sits back down in his seat. Taking another sip of butter beer, "How in merlin's name do you do this to me Angie!? I just want to talk to you and I can't help it. You just…" He trails off without explanation.

"If George knows what's best for him…what?" Angie watches Fred, head tipped to the side. "How do I do what to you? If you want to talk to me, then talk! I'm here! I'll listen! I just..what?"

Fred makes a noise sounding like 'blah!' and gets up from the table, "I just can't alright!" He says to her and grabs his hair with both his hands, ruffling it beyond the normal, "Gosh…" He trails off and starts towards the door.

Angelina stands quickly, turning to follow him out. "Fred Gideon Weasley." She is right on his heels. "What do you mean? What's wrong? You've never had trouble talking to me.."

Fred looks back to her as she follows him out, "What are you blind woman?" He says is an almost sneer, "I can't…not bloody right of me…" He seems to be strugling with himself, "Butterfly…you and George are the two most important people to me, keep it that way, kay?"

Angelina shakes her head. "Blind? What do you mean? What does that have to do with you being an Auror, or me being one..?" Her head tips to the side. "We are…and we will stay that way. Until you get a girlfriend, like you said…"

Fred makes that damned blah noise again and turns around fully to look at Angie dead on, "Yeah girlfriend right…" He mutters and leans down to kiss her unless she stops him completely in his tracks.

Angelina should have seen it coming. Whether she wanted to admit it or not, she knows how Fred feels. She is just about to reprimand him for making that damn noise rather than talking to her, when he spins to face her, and then is in her face, literally, with his lips pressed to hers.

Fred kisses Angelina with a passion he isn't about to show anyone else. He lifts a hand to touch her back and pulls her slightly towards him. Stopping the unexpected kiss (even on his part) he mumbles, "Sorry…" And lets her go turning around to start his storm off away again unless she stops him.

Shock and awe warfare. That is entirely unfair. It isn't until he is already releasing her that Angie is fully understanding what just happened there. This time, she doesn't go after him. She stands there. Just standing. For a full minute. Then she suddenly turns and runs for the castle, in a full, dead on sprint. She only runs over two third years and a pack of fourth years on the way.

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