1994-12-15: Talking Shop


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Scene Title Talking Shop
Synopsis Two Diagon Alley shopkeepers meet for a chat.
Location Diagon Alley
Date December 15, 1994
Watch For Some discussion on Potions
Logger Celaeno

This place is surely like no other on earth! The narrow cobblestone lane is crowded with vendor's carts while buildings are packed in on each other on both sides of the lane. Very little room if any can be found between the buildings, but narrow alleys can be found here and there. The entire area feels like you've just set foot onto the set of a Charles Dickens tale almost. Usually people can be found up and down this area at all times of the day and night. While in a way this scene isn't too out of place in England, the contents are! The shops lining the lane are out of the ordinary due to their nature and the people crowding around are definitely out of this world. The soft hooting of owls can be heard from Eeylops Owl Emporium, strange and often disgusting smells filter out of the Apothecary, while a throng of children and a few adults ogle merchandise found in the window of Quality Quidditch Supplies.

It has been a quiet day at Wandlore and More, and most of Dexter's time has been spent either reading or working on one of the few wands he has on the go currently. However, he's gotten quite hungry, so he has decided to take a bit of a break and frequent one of the many small but delicious places that this fine Diagon Alley has to offer. But once he steps out the door of his shop, he realizes he has absolutely no idea what he wants to eat.

Celaeno enters through the Leaky Cauldron back courtyard wall, back from a bit of time out on the town. She decides to take a food break before checking on her husband down at the shop, so she looks up and down the alley for a nice place.

Dexter decides on a small little shop off to the side near the courtyard wall of the Leaky Cauldron. He sits down at an outside table and takes a look at their menu. He hums softly to himself as he looks it up and down. "Ah, tortellini. Haven't had that since I last visited my mother's family." He mutters to himself. "Muggles do seem to like their Italian food."

"Oh, I'll just go with wherever the next person goes," Celaeno says, and as such she follows Dexter to his table, sitting across from him. "Good day," she says to him with a smile as she looks over the menu.

Dexter looks up from his menu. "Ah! Mrs. Bristwick! How good it is to see you. How are you faring this good, fine day?" He looks back down at his menu once more, quickly. "How is the shop doing?"

Celaeno smiles. "Quite well, quite well," Celaeno replies, conveniently answering both questions. "And yours?"

Dexter bows his head. "I am glad to hear it. My shop is doing well enough, I suppose. Still not doing as good as Ollivander's, of course, but it moves along at a well enough pace." He pauses for a few moments. "Have you got any new products in store for the shop?"

Celaeno grins. "Well, the chocolate Snitches are flying off the shelves, one might say," she says, giving her hand a little wave in the air, "So I thought I'd get a few candy goals from the same company. They make hard candy Bludgers too, but… well, those can be trouble."

Dexter chuckles ever so slightly. "If you'd like, I can literally make them fly off the shelves." He winks playfully. "But it sounds as if you are doing well there. I am glad to hear that."

Celaeno laughs. "Don't bother, they come that way. It certainly gets kids to exercise," she notes. "Now… what will I have for food…?" she wonders, looking through the menu again.

Dexter chuckles and places his menu down. "I've never actually been here before, but I've decided on tortellini."

Celaeno nods. "I think I'll just have spaghetti," she says, putting her finger on the menu item. "With lots of sauce," she adds, grinning.

Dexter bows. "And now to await the waiter." Who happens to just arrive and take their orders. "How is your husband?" He asks once the waiter leaves.

Celaeno folds her hands on the table. "Doing well," she answers. "And Bridget too," she adds, smiling. "Funny story… her potions class just worked on aging potions… but she must have gotten something a little off… she was supposed to get 10 years older, and she ended up just about my age! I had to send her some of my spare clothes for her to wear until it wore off."

Dexter nods a little bit. "Good, good." He can't help but laugh though. "Oh my! Well, that's quite the mistake, isn't it? I wonder what she did to make that mistake…I mean, it is quite fine to make a mistake when you are learning, but that is quite the jump!"

Celaeno smiles. "Well, she insists it was something wrong with the ingredients," she says. "I suppose in the end it doesn't matter, she learned

Dexter chuckles and nods. "Yes, well, the most important thing is that she learned. That is the point of the school, isn't it? To learn?" He smiles softly. "I have fond memories of potions. Professor Slughorn was an interesting teacher."

Celaeno smiles, thinking back to her own school days. "Yes, he was, wasn't he? Good man. I wish he still had the job… Bridget says she can't stand the man who's there now, though his lessons are well and good enough."

Dexter bows his head once more. Their food arrived and he pauses until it's places down before them before speaking again. "Yes, he was a pleasant enough fellow, wasn't he?" He tilts his head to the side. "Who is the current potions master at Hogwarts?"

"What was his name…" Celaeno says, rubbing her forehead in thought. "Snape, or something like that." She gives a pleasant smile to the waiter as he brings out their food.

Dexter raises an eyebrow. "Snape? I…I think there was a Snape when I went to school. Severus Snape. A Slytherin boy." He smiles kindly. "He was quite good, actually, at potions as well, if I remember correctly. Perhaps they are one and the same."

Celaeno nods. "Maybe so," she says. "That would be rather young to be teaching at Hogwarts, don't you think? Of course, if he really was brilliant at his job, I suppose it would make sense."

Dexter chuckles and smiles. "Well, he'd be thirty-four, if he is. So that is old enough, I'd say." He nods and begins eating his food. "But who knows, maybe it is not the same person."

Celaeno nods with a smile and starts on her own food. "I suppose while you're a student, the professors all seem so much older than they really are," she comments. "You know, if I weren't running a shop I might have applied as flying instructor… But they have a perfectly good one already."

Dexter smiles ever so slightly and chuckles. "Yes, they always seem to, don't they? It's a curious thing. Everyone always seems a whole bunch more older when you're young."

Celaeno smiles back. "That is true," she says. "I think I should stop by Hogwarts sometime to see what the professors are like nowadays," she adds, twirling her spaghetti.

Dexter smiles softly and looks down at his food, taking a few bites. "Well, maybe they shall have a parent-teacher day there where you can go." He smiles and looks back up. "Anything new in your life?"

Celaeno nods, eating a bit more. "Not much," she says. "How about you?" She looks up from her food at Dexter.

Dexter shakes his head. "Oh, I can't say I've been up to too much. Just working mainly, you know. Never can get enough of it."

Celaeno nods. "Yes, I know. I have been meaning to get out to a few matches sometime though," she says. "Listening's one thing, but it's nothing like being there. And maybe I might see one of my older customers in action!"

Dexter shrugs ever so slightly. "Yes, I can see the appeal. I'd find an excursion to the muggle community interesting."

Celaeno smiles. "Oh yes, well there's that too. It's a different sort of pace out there," she observes. "Still, I don't like to spend too much time there," she adds. "I can barely talk to Muggles about anything without feeling like I'm about to slip up and start going on about Quidditch…"

Dexter chuckles ever so slightly. "Ah, I'm a bit more adept, I'd say. I am used to talking with Muggles, I must say. And they have some interesting sports of their own. Foot ball, baseball, rugby. Very interesting."

"Oh yes, I know some of those," Celaeno says. "My father still tries to get me interested in things like that, after all these years… I keep telling him Quidditch is much more exciting…”

"Is that so? That's very curious." Comes Dexter's response. "I've not known any other wizards who are interested in such things, let alone know anything about them."

Celaeno grins. "Neither do I, my father's a Muggle," she says. "I suppose it says something that I still can't talk to them much… I don't know why my mother decided to go that way, you'd think she'd have married another Quidditch player."

Dexter raises an eyebrow. "Your father was a muggle? Interesting. My mother was a muggle. I spent much time with her family." He smiles. "Well, you learn something new every single day, don't you?"

Celaeno smiles. "Yes, I suppose so," she says. "I suppose that would explain it… I spent much more time with my mother's side of the family. I think my father's parents weren't too keen on the idea of having a witch for a granddaughter."

Dexter nods ever so slightly. Finishing off his food, he smiles. "Well, Mrs. Bristwick, as much as I'd like to stay longer and chat, I must get back to work. It was certainly a pleasure to see you again."

Celaeno smiles and waves. "You too, Mr. Rowland," she says. "Good luck with your endeavors."

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