1995-02-28: 00-Nia


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Scene Title 00-Nia
Synopsis Nia warns Harry about Draco's plan. She's such a good double agent.
Location Hogwarts-Library
Date February 28 1995
Logger Nia

Sitting at a table with a book open but not really reading it is Nia. Though it was a school night and the Library was less crowded then normal and it put the girl a little more at ease. Her fingers nervously fidgeted with the page of her book as her eyes kept scanning around the room. "I hope I didn't scare that first year…" Nia breaths out quietly to herself as she tries to focus on the words on the book page.

The first year didn't have to go far to find Harry, as the young man just happened to be roaming the corridors. A common occurrence these days given what he's been through. There are still clusters of students that either avoid him like the plague, or worship him like a god. Both are equally ignored. Fortunately today, neither seem to be following or bothering him. Pushing open the door to the library, he slides in quietly, before spotting Nia. "Got your message." he says, as he pulls up beside her table.

A big sigh of relief fell over Nia when Harry comes walking in and assures her that the first year did come through after all. "Ahh good. I was beginning to think I scared the poor guy." Closing her book and scooting a tad closer to Harry, Nia has an uneasy look on her face as she speaks. "Sorry the message was so vague but I'm glad you are here. Draco is planning something…something bad for you, Ron, and Hermione."

Harry grins, shaking his head. "I will say he was a bit shy about approaching me, but…he eventually got over it." he says, shaking his head lightly. As she mentions Draco, and evil plans, the grin changes to a smirk. "As if he isn't always trying to get us in trouble. Or at least me." he retorts, quickly rolling his eyes. "What's he up to this time?"

"Well…." Nia starts kinda trying to figure out how to tell Harry without getting yelled at. "He's trying to get you three to turn on each other and split up that way it will be easier to get to you." She pauses for a moment as she braces herself for what's to come, "And well I kinda gave him the idea. I was just acting though I didn't mean any of what I said I was just trying to get on his good side but I think I went a bit too far."

Well that's not too much of a shocker to Harry. After all, he and Draco have been battling since day one of their first year. "He's gonna have an awfully hard time with that. We're kind of a close knit group. Though he has tried before to break us up." When she mentions it was her idea, he chuckles and smiles. "Don't beat yourself up over it. Draco's been trying to get to me for almost four years. Eventually he would have come to the same conclusion."

"But all those awful things that I said…" Nia continues feeling a bit better that Harry didn't get mad but still feeling so bad at what she's done. "I can't believe I called Hermione that awful awful word. I admit I am a bit jealous of her talent but I swear I didn't mean what I called her." Taking a breath Nia has the courage to actually look Harry in the eye and gave him a little smile. "He or should I say we, since he thinks both of us are working on it, are still in the plotting of the plan."

"I have a pretty good idea what you called her, but so long as you don't mention it to her, I don't think she'll know." Harry offers, glancing sidelong at Nia with a grin. "Trust me, whatever Draco's scheming up can't possible be worse than dying and coming back to life." He leaves the rest of the nastiness unsaid.

Nia smiles as she feels so good about letting this all out and that Harry understood. "Thanks Harry. I feel a lot better now that I got this out. I sometimes forget how good of an actress I am but it's nice to know that at the end of the day everything is right. If you want I can keep you posted on any developments?" She offers with a light quiet chuckle.

Harry grins and shakes his head. "Nothing to be sorry about. Sometimes being a good actor or actress is a good thing." he admits, pushing himself up from the table. "In the ends, there's no harm done. But yeah, let me know what's going on. Maybe Ron, Hermione, and I can come up with a suitable counter."

Nia stands up and gives a little salute jokingly, "Will do" before winking and pushing in her chair. "Anything I can do to help don't hesitate to ask." She grabs the book on table top and takes a few steps before turning back to Harry. "Oh and Harry I know you probably have a lot going on but I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate you taking time to see me…." She pauses for a second. "And I hope maybe you could consider me a friend."

Harry chuckles at the salute and smiles. "I promise I'll ask if anything comes to mind." he says, turning towards the door. "And I consider anyone who hasn't tried to hurt or kill me or my friends as a friend. Or potential friend. I should probably get back to the common room. I'm sure Ron and Hermione are probably searching the castle for me." Sounds like he wasn't supposed to be out alone. "Catch you around." he waves, heading for and out the door.

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